Stay Safe This Duck Hunting Season

Duck hunters are called upon to ensure their safety during this bird hunting season.

Te Tari Pūreke – Firearms Safety Authority and NZ Mountain Safety Council say the start of the gamebird hunting season on May 6, 2023 will be the highlight of the year for most duck hunters, but safety It is also a time to keep in mind

Mike McIlraith, Director of Partnerships at Te Tari Pūreke said: The vast majority of duck hunters follow seven safety rules for firearm use, and we encourage you to do the same this year.

“Seven safety rules have been updated to remind people to follow new storage and transportation requirements for firearms and ammunition. Duck hunters may move to social gatherings after shooting. This is especially important because

“When driving to and from a hunting location, the firearm must be inoperable and hidden from view during travel. You must confirm that you have permission from

“When transporting ammunition, it should be stored separately from firearms and locked in a glove box or similar storage if possible.”

“Whatever you do, lock your firearm when you’re done using it. Never leave your firearm unsecured in your shed, home, or vehicle.

“Remember, there are no situations where you can leave your firearm or ammunition in your car overnight.”

All ammunition must be kept in a locked container during storage. Ammunition with a firearm can only be stored in a gun safe that has a separate lockable compartment with a key separate from the gun safe key.

McIlraith said: If the safe does not have separate lockable compartments, ammunition should be stored in dedicated locked and secure storage containers.

“When I’m enjoying the day, I’ll save the celebratory drink until the hunt is over and all firearms are locked.”

NZ Mountain Safety Council Chief Executive Mike Daisley said: Allow plenty of time to check your first aid kit, food, water, and other kits for the day.

“Communication to check in with each other on a regular basis is key, and this includes reviewing firing zones. Always remember to be responsible for your own firearms. Handle safely, transport safely. and keep it safe.”

Both Te Tari Pūreke and the NZ Mountain Safety Council want hunters to really enjoy duck season, but we want them to do so safely. “

The NZ Mountain Safety Council has compiled a range of tips Learn how to hunt safely and successfully this duck season.

Duck hunters are expected to abide by 7 simple firearm safety rules.

1. Treat all firearms as loaded

2. Always point your firearm in a safe direction

3. Put the cartridge into the chamber only when ready to fire

4. Identify targets beyond doubt

5. Check the launch zone

6. Safely store and transport firearms and ammunition

7. Avoid alcohol and drugs when handling firearms


Published by Police Media Center Stay Safe This Duck Hunting Season

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