Stacy Solomon reveals stunning “raw, unedited” pregnancy bump photos

Stacy Solomon shared her new bump photo shoot with fans (Photo: Instagram @staceysolomon)

Stacy Solomon reveals the results of her recent bump photo shoot she was taken by her own dad Counts down the number of days until the fourth child is born.

Loose Women’s star, 31, shared a photo of her father holding a camera before shooting, writing: Before it’s too late.

“I’ve never taken a proper bump photo that wasn’t answered, but I remember I couldn’t take a special photo with Rex.

“I know everyone was weeping and bored with bump spam, but it can’t be helped. This was the last time we did this and I didn’t think it would work this time, so I did it. We are making the most of everything. “

Then Stacy went to Instagram and shared the unedited image. There she posed with a series of airy appearances.

She told her followers: Thank you Dad for helping me make special memories tonight …

Stacy was stunned by the shoot recording the last day of her pregnancy (Photo: Instagram @staceysolomon).
Stacy shone while hugging the bump (Photo: Instagram)
She and Joe Swash had a miscarriage before they became pregnant with their daughter (Photo: Instagram).
Stacy’s dad is a talented snapper who captured the image (Photo: Instagram @staceysolomon)

“I wish I could do this every time, but I’m very happy to have done this time. Finally … I am very grateful for the opportunity to raise you into a small child Now we can’t wait to see you … “

Stacy then joked:’ps These aren’t completely raw and edited, so I’m sorry if you see some knicker. They are really inconvenient knickers, aren’t they? “

She mentioned the “inconvenient knicker” after she revealed that she had sent her fiancé Joe Swash to buy an incontinence knicker and a large sanitary napkin before giving birth.

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Laughing at her Instagram story, Stacy revealed: I got a big bath towel because he thought it meant an incontinence napkin and a big sanitary napkin, and I meant a real wool towel, and why we got an incontinence nicker Didn’t you get it? “

Joe then explained:’I misread the text, and thought it was saying an inconvenient knicker. I asked everyone for these inconvenient knicker, and no one had heard of them.

Stacy is currently expecting a fourth child. Baby girl after having three sons before.

She has a 2-year-old Rex who shares with Zachary (13) and Layton (9) from a previous relationship, and Joe, who has a 14-year-old son Harry from a past relationship.

The couple revealed that they had suffered a miscarriage before they became pregnant with their baby daughter, and did not expect to have the opportunity to have another baby together after Rex.

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Stacy Solomon reveals stunning "raw, unedited" pregnancy bump photos

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