Stacy Solomon lights a candle in memory of her miscarriage baby

Stacy sent her love to those affected by the loss of her baby (Photo: Instagram / Rex / ITV)

Stacy Solomon I remembered a baby who had a miscarriage when she lit a candle Baby Loss Awareness Week, 11 days later Welcome her eldest daughter Rose..

NS Loose woman The panelist, 32, used Instagram to send love to others who had lost their baby.

Share her story, a photo of the former lit flame X factor The star wrote:’Tonight I went downstairs to light a candle with a boy.

“I’m thinking about all of one in four of us. Tonight and always. I’m sorry. Lots of love.”

Her four mothers talked about miscarriage earlier this year after announcing their pregnancy.

In June, Stacy had her and her fiancée Joe swashThe 39-year-old tried “small pickles” for a while, but it was never an easy path.

Stacy lit a candle in honor of Baby Loss Awareness Week (Photo: Instagram @staceysolomon)

Bravely open to her loss, she writes: I’ve been trying for your years.

‘Continue if possible, and if you wish.

“But to be honest, it’s a pain. Go back to the moon and love you.”

From October 9th to 15th of this year, Baby Loss Awareness Week was held with the aim of gathering people affected by pregnancy and baby loss and not feeling lonely.

Baby Rose presented Stacy with the most magical 32nd birthday gift (Photo: Instagram @staceysolomon)

Stacy and ex Eastenders Actor Joe celebrated Stacy’s 32nd birthday almost two weeks ago with her baby girl Rose.

Breaking the news, TV stars said their family “can’t wait” for the rest of their lives with her.

Stacy has eldest son Zack (13), Layton (9), two-year-old Rex and fiancé Joe. Thorpe Star is the father of his son Harry, 13, and former Emasso Pokryus.

Little Rose remained anonymous A few days as the couple had a hard time deciding on a name.

Wait until the right one comes They decided Rose Opal Esme Solomon-Previous Swash Ask fans for suggestions..

Loose woman Co-star Nadia Sawalha Jane Moore too Paid a visit to Stacy To meet her newborn baby this week.

Nadia commented that her friend looked “amazing”: “She was so happy and Joe was just making a fuss about taking care of Rex, it was really a privilege.”

Miscarriage helpline

For emotional support, you can contact the Miscarriage Association’s Pregnancy Loss Helpline at 01924 200799 or email it. info@miscarriageassociation.org.uk..

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Stacy Solomon lights a candle in memory of her miscarriage baby

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