Source is developing innovative apps to tackle bullying and discrimination in the television and film industry

Smart Tech Corporate Source Developed NS Innovative new app for working on bulls at workying and discrimination Across Television and film industry.

Award-winning jobs We are working with industry leaders on the project, It aims to enable people of all levels to record incidents quickly and anonymously.

NS “”Call that! With this app, businesses and productions can monitor the safety and well-being of their staff, raise and address issues of bullying, harassment and discrimination.

that It was inspired by director Delice Thomas and producers Jules Hashy and Kate Wilson in response to growing awareness of abuse in the industry. prompt NS NS “”myself that too Movement When NS “”Time out motion, Supports the project.

Source developed Call that! An app that allows users to provide anonymous feedback on their daily treatments at work by using a simple signaling system and being alert to cases of bullying, harassment and discrimination.

The company sets up an account to create a QR code for the project and provides links to Dignity at Work policies and procedures. Appropriate contact name and email address to raise the issue with confidence.

The app does not retain any identity about the user and cannot track user feedback. In the event of abuse, you will see signs for advisory and support services such as: NS England Arm Time out motion.

Authorized users in the company or production environment using the app Can do Visit the web-based dashboard to see the anonymized data. This allows you to identify the issues raised and intervene to reduce the risk of worker abuse.

Also reduce the system Risk of further production cancellation if: serious Problems will be discovered later, but at a considerable cost To the company.

Hull-based sources work flexibly with Delyth, Jules, and Kate to create software and lead the UX (user experience) design process for apps and web-based dashboards to provide complete service. Did.

Matt Weldon, managing director of award-winning sources, collaborates with leading television and film industry leaders on Call It! A project to deal with bullying and discrimination.

Matt Weldon, Managing Director of Sauce, said:

“Delyth, Jules and Kate are all passionate about this and we have worked closely with them to use our vision to realize their vision. Digital expertise.

“Anonymity is a very delicate subject, so it is the absolute key to this project and requires a great deal of effort.

We are committed to checking and ensuring balance to ensure complete anonymity for both user safety and industry trust. “

The app is currently in pilot and testing phase with a selected number of productions and organizations..MeNS teeth We plan to roll it out to the entire industry later this year.

Nominated twice for BAFTA Delyth, director strike TV set Series sLike Silent Witness, Vera, Victoria, he said:

“Although we have good industry resources, it’s still very difficult to report, because sometimes it’s an accumulation of too many small things.

“Even in a great show with nice people, things can happen. At every stage of production, we all know where to speak, listen and seek help. I wanted to make sure that. “

Companies using this app will use completely anonymous sensitive data with the Sir Lenny Henry Center for Media Diversity at Birmingham City University with the aim of identifying patterns and trends that will help improve working conditions across the industry. You will be asked to share.

From left, director Delice Thomas and producers Jules Hussey and Kate Wilson.

Kate, Those who have worked with industry leaders, including Hollywood actor, director And the producer With Jodie Foster American film director, producer, screenwriter Paul Thomas Anderson, Established Fury Films, Said: “Our seemingly simple app is a powerful tool that can accelerate cultural change and improve working conditions in great industries.

“Our industry can and should be the best place to work, prosper and call it. We can help us get there.

“We want everyone in the industry to work with us to make sure the app works as we intended.”

Call It! Casting Guild, UK Director, Bektu (Broadcasting, Entertainment, Communication, Theater Union), Movie and Television Charity, Production Guild, Mark Milsam Foundation and many other industry groups! Working with the team behind.Saraptt Associates and Writers British guild.

Jules produced TV set Programs such as Guilt, Babs and My Mad Fat Diary said:

“We also need to not only recognize best practices, but also call for inadequate treatment and discrimination.

“Call that! Is a tool that can be put into the hands of everyone involved, from development to distribution, and says “Thank you, I’m well treated” or “I need help because something is wrong” can do. “

NSHis app was originally developed for the television and film industry. However Created in a way that it can adapt for Other sectors in the future. In other markets that have already been identified, NS Theater, art, games.

sauce, Based at Hulls Center for Digital Innovation (C4DI) Tech Hub Established strong Reputation for enabling companies and other organizations to achieve their goals through technology solutions..

The team acts as a collaborator with the client. include Nestle, Siemens Gamesa, RB, Rix and Ideal heating, Above all Become their long-term digital partner.

Source is developing innovative apps to tackle bullying and discrimination in the television and film industry

Source link Source is developing innovative apps to tackle bullying and discrimination in the television and film industry

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