“Some wanted me to die:” Pope admits conservative critics

Pope Francis acknowledged his conservative critics who said, “Some wanted to die,” following his recent bowel surgery.

When asked how the priest felt to Francis, the deity showed his dark sense of humor and said he was “still alive.”

“Some people wanted to die, but I know there was a meeting even among the priests who thought they were in a worse condition than what the Pope was saying. I was preparing a conclave, “he continued.

“Patience! Thank God. I’m fine,” he added.

The comment was a sign of the Pope’s keen interest in health.

It was also reflected in speculation about what would happen if he succumbed to a serious illness.

After his 10-day hospital stay, Italian media speculated that Francis might resign and pointed out the need for norms to regulate the second retired Pope.

Francis had previously said that his resignation “did not even exceed my heart.”

Conservative criticism of Francis turned into anger after Francis cracked down on the old Latin Misa celebration in July.

Francis said there was “a big Catholic television station that constantly talks badly about the Pope.”

He didn’t name it, but it could have been a reference to the EWTN media conglomerate, which was critical of papacy.

“I’m a sinner, so I might personally deserve an attack or insult, but the church doesn’t deserve this. It’s the work of the devil,” he said.

Apart from conservative criticism, Francis told the Jesuits in Slovakia that the Catholic Church is suffering from the temptation to return to past attitudes and customs. An attitude that prevents pastoral work on many marginalized people.

“We are suffering from this in the church today. The idealism of retreating.

“It’s an idealism that colonizes the mind. It’s a form of colonization of the ideology.”

Today, he said, many of the churches are afraid to accompany people who are “sexually diverse.”

“That’s why we look back today. It’s about pursuing security.

“Celebrating in front of God’s people who look at our faces and tell the truth scares us. Advancement of pastoral experiences scares us,” said the Pope.

“This is the evil of this moment, that is, seeking the path of two perverts, rigidity and clericism,” he said.

Francis commented at a private meeting with the Jesuits of Slovica.Comments published by the Jesuit Journal La Civilita Cattolica..


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“Some wanted me to die:” Pope admits conservative critics

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