Soldier odds four times higher than suicide when loading a gun at home

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Friday, June 7, 2019 (HealthDay News)-Own your own gun, carry it in public, and leave it loaded at home: Each of these three factors could cause a U.S. soldier to bring a gun. Is related to quadrupling. Find new reports on her own life.

Soldier suicides are still rare, but the number has increased in recent years, said Dr. David Benedek, lead author of the study.

And his team’s work “reproduces previous findings of other groups that have shown increased risk. suicide I own a gun. ” Benedek, Colonel and Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Uniformed Services University in Bethesda, Maryland, said.

The study also reveals some new questions that clinicians may keep in mind when assessing risk. suicide With them [enlisted] “Patient”.

Survey results published online on June 7th JAMA network open..

In their study, the Benedek team reviewed the situation surrounding the suicide of 135 active duty soldiers between 2011 and 2013.

Research found it suicide The risk of soldiers with private (non-military) pistols in public has increased significantly, regardless of their job.I also hiked a lot to keep my personal pistols at home suicide Danger.

All of these factors are associated with a four-fold increase in suicide risk, Benedek said.

Still, he warned that not all soldiers with pistols are at high risk of losing their lives.

“Despite the rise in suicide rates in recent years, suicide remains a rare event,” he emphasized.

Nonetheless, the research team pointed out that the suicide rate of US soldiers began to rise when the war between Iraq and Afghanistan began. These rates peaked in 2012, according to the Benedek team, but the rate at which active duty soldiers die from suicide is now higher than the rate at which they die in combat.

But for that reason, it’s not very clear, he said, and gun ownership is probably only part of the puzzle.

“A single risk factor or group of factors identified so far cannot specifically predict who will commit suicide,” Benedek said.

The new study also relied on interviews with 168 close relatives and / or Army supervisors of soldiers who were victims of suicide. These interviews provided information on how soldiers killed them and their gun ownership and storage habits.

In the end, investigators realized that guns were by far the most common method of suicide. Of the 111 soldiers for whom a clear suicide method was identified, 61 were using guns.

The study was not designed to help devise ways to prevent future tragedy, Benedek said.But he said recently discharged soldiers may require or struggle with psychiatric hospitalization. depression Or substance use disorder.

Therefore, “questioning these patients about gun ownership, storage, and carrying practices and providing them with information about the increased risk posed by certain practices can lead to risk-reducing decisions.” Said Benedek.

Dr. Joseph Simonetti is a Clinician Investigator at Rocky Mountain Mental illness Suicide Research, Education and Clinical Center Prevention.. The center is part of the Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center in Aurora, Colorado.

In an accompanying editorial (co-authored with Dr. Al Rowhani-Rahbar), Simonetti stated that suicide remains the tenth leading cause of death in the United States.

Therefore, “efforts to limit access to deadly means (such as guns) are an important element of suicide prevention programs, especially among US veterans and military personnel,” he said. ..

In his opinion, “the safest recommendation is to consider temporarily storing the gun elsewhere while adults are at high risk of suicide,” Simonetti said.

“But for those who don’t think about removing guns from their homes, this study provides supporting evidence that there are steps we can take in the home to keep us safe. “I will,” he added.

According to Simonetti and Rowhani-Rahbar, these steps include advising soldiers to keep their personal guns down while at home, and locking them with external locking devices. ..

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Source: David M. Benedek, MD, COL, MC, USA, Professor and Chairman, Uniformed Services University, Bethesda, MD; Joseph A. Simonetti, MD, MPH, Clinic Investigator, Rocky Mountain Psychiatric Research, Education and Suicide Prevention Clinical Center (MIRECC), Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center, Veterans Health Department, Aurora, Colorado. June 7, 2019, JAMA network open,online

Soldier odds four times higher than suicide when loading a gun at home

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