So what are we supposed to eat?

Meditation above Luxury and leisureAfter Annus Horribilis

Even a primitive instinct as much as eating has transformed into the modern world of our extravagant lifestyle.

W“Fish and Chips Friday” has been a constant weekly New Zealand gastronomy for generations, and progress is constantly advancing even in our trademark takeaway staple.

Handmade non-allergenic low-fat virgin Himalayan soybean oil cooked, light and tempura breaded batter sprinkled blue nose can now be upgraded, but laser cut organic pom de telle curly flat wing tiplet avec zesty mayo jus, essentially a humble fish and chips diet remains basically unpretentious (except for the varieties listed above).

Fish is still fish, chips are still chips – newspaper wrapping may no longer be readable, and the accompanying Fanta may now be an alternative low-carb, sugar-free drink, but I still make the smell of freshly made fish and chips I say, “Yes, please.”

So meat pies too. The full range of pie experiences has been expanded from two choices of potato tops and minced meat to 202 choices such as octopus and ramington curry, vegetarian beef and kale pots, but … mmmmmmm … meat pies are the simplest. It’s a meat pie.

But beyond pies and fish and chips, gastronomically speaking, life has certainly changed.

As you may have noticed, I tend to walk the “young” roads of this column on a regular basis. Today is no exception.

For comparison, I remember – I don’t like it very much – when Chinese gooseberry Not trademarked, “redesignated” and fully commercialized, avocado was considered too exotic for the average kiwi taste to be considered. The average kiwi taste couldn’t really find and buy the fruits mentioned above and think about it anyway.

Olive is married to a sailor and his teeth break when he tries to chew a pistachio.

Fast forward to 2021. Children order sushi for school lunch and don’t even care that the fish isn’t cooked. What will happen to the world?

I’m not going to talk about supermarket psychosis today. It’s the latest in my modern food-related pain. That particular illness is retained for another column.

But I’m embarrassed by the tremendous excess of healthy eating guidelines in modern restaurants: longer life, healthier gut flora, clearer skin, less sleep, better Leads me to sex, high karma, and generally a brighter aura.

Today, the average restaurant menu is increasingly dotted with characters that I don’t understand. Just as LGBT evolved into LGBTQQIP2SAA when I was away on the weekend, the average restaurant menu has two, V, V +, O, GF, NF, ND, and FT (vegetarian). The alphabet of specifiers is included next to every menu item. , Vegan, organic, gluten-free, nut-free, non-dairy, free trade) and more. This can be very annoying if you just want to check if the salad has chips on it.

Pectarian Surprise

When a good friend recently announced that he was a pescetarian, I expressed my condolences and asked if he had met an expert.

Needless to say, I’m doing my best to “catch up”. Interestingly, my friend now notices that there is spring at his feet. The Slam Dunk case closed irrefutable evidence that he was facing a midlife crisis.

Or it may mean that the pescetarian diet is working. It’s hard to pinpoint the cause and effect, but since he’s a believer, I think it’s important in the end.

So are the benefits promised by the superscript annotations on my local pizzeria menu realized? Are we healthier, happier, have better sex and live longer?

Now, here’s the problem – we seem to have more cures, but we continue to discover more illnesses.

Thanks to Life Coach’s Top 10 Yoga Hack, we continue to practice deeper mindfulness, but it seems that we need more and more treatment.

Sex was already good until the internet showed me otherwise.

And while wealthy people seem to live longer, are they really “older” or their normal length of life is only chemically extended? Is it?

Eat more leafy vegetables and drink more water. But I don’t give up fish and chips on Friday or sometimes give up mince pies when recovering.

So what are we supposed to eat?

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