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Thursday, September 19 (HealthDay News)-Graphic ad depicting damage smoking Federal health officials said Thursday that they had a bigger reaction than expected.

Tips from before smoker Campaign-Includes TV ads where ex-smokers tell about themselves smokingRelated health problems such as amputation and amputation cancer -According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are more calls to the end line of the campaign toll-free than expected. Prevention..

Dr. Tim McAfee, director of the CDC office, said: smoking And health.

With a total of 353,000 calls, “the number of unique visitors to the TIPS website was about 2.8 million,” said McAfee. “We are very excited about these results because we know that the number of people seeking help is just the tip of the iceberg of those who are trying to quit.”

During the campaign period, the number of calls increased by 75% and the number of visits to unique websites increased by nearly 38 times compared to the month before the campaign started. According to the report, the month after the campaign ended, weekly calls fell by 41% and website visits fell by 96%.

One of the characters in the ad, Terry Hall, lost 13 years of fighting. smoking-Related cancer This week, McAfee said. “Terry’s desire to share her story to help others know the dangers of smoking It’s really a public health inspiration, “he said.

Hall was diagnosed with mouth and throat cancer I had my larynx removed many years ago. NS cancerCaused by, spreading to her brain this summer cigarette smoking She started in high school, according to CDC officials.

Her first ad showed Hall wearing a wig and inserting a fake teeth I used a scarf to cover my throat. It was the most popular ad in the campaign.

In another ad, Hall spoke with an artificial larynx and advised smokers to make a video of themselves singing and reading aloud. “I wish I had it,” she said. “This is the only voice my grandson has ever heard.”

The new report was published on the CDC on September 20th. Weekly morbidity and mortality reports..

According to McAfee, these ads work because they show the horrifying effects of smoking that young smokers rarely consider.

“People start smoking in them teens And they smoke in their twenties and thirties, and people really start suffering from serious consequences, “he said. People see statistics that they just blow them away. “

According to McAfee, the people in the ad wanted to show others the true consequences of smoking. “Basically,’The reason I quit was because I cut my leg’,’ I cut my finger’,’ lung cancer Also Throat cancer“He said.

Tips campaign from former smokers tobacco Especially to make tobacco more attractive and accessible teens Young adults, according to a CDC news release.

“The development and implementation of the 2013 campaign cost $ 48 million, which is less than the tobacco industry spends in just three days promoting and marketing tobacco,” the agency said. increase.

Smoking cessation advocates praised the federal campaign, saying its success needs to be followed up and maintained.

Danny McGoldrick, Vice President of Research for the Campaign for Non-Smoking Children, said: “It’s encouraging that the CDC plans to run the third round of the campaign next year.”

McGoldrick said state programs are also important. “The state must also play that role by spending more than $ 26 billion annually on tobacco settlement and tobacco taxes to fund tobacco.Prevention A program that includes media campaigns. “

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Smoking Cessation Campaign Exceeds Expectations-MedicineNet

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