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“Uncertainty” is probably the best way to describe 2021. All companies that have survived the last two years, including StratusBlue, have had to make major changes, from renewing their business strategies to rapidly adapting to new standards.

NSThe world of connected networks and information technology has changed rapidly. Not only because of technological advances, but also because of remote work. You are well aware of how the Covid-19 pandemic has pioneered complete social and professional change at various levels.

Mariette Tormei,
Stratus Blue, Marketing Lead

Of course, it had a big impact on workplace technology and how businesses used it, but it led to a more pressing cybersecurity outlook.

As a managed service provider (MSP), the number of technical fire extinguishing activities, remote office installations, troubleshooting security or operational issues, and responding to changing customer needs has suddenly increased dramatically over the past two years. bottom.

Stratus blue Operated as an MSP at Bay of Plenty for five years, our role in client partnerships is to keep the system secure, technically up-to-date and up-to-date for business success. I consider it an element that cannot be done. Requirements.

However, last year, like many New Zealand companies, the organization presented unprecedented era challenges, highlighting the fundamental role we play in business continuity, security, and proactive solutions. Helped to resume everyday business. Regardless of your work environment, there is little or no interruption and the risk to cyber threats is minimized.

The move to a workforce that is primarily flexible and remote highlights the importance of a stable, reliable and secure IT framework.

When Stratus Blue overcomes the rapid demand for solutions that enable both agility and safety for the enterprise, we, as an organization, have a clear purpose, implemented “skill-up requirements” and implemented. We realized that we needed to work with a partner, a best-in-class solution to meet the needs of our clients. Our goal is to “give companies remarkable freedom and put IT in our talented hands.”

Our aim has driven us to launch an internal project focused on researching new software and technology advances. Extensive testing of these platforms has revealed how to provide clients with the best possible protection. It gives them the confidence that they are operating in a reliable and secure digital environment.

To achieve this, we have gone through our own process to ensure that what we offer is the most appropriate service. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions have proved to be an important part of the services that need to be delivered as a solution in the context of current cybersecurity threats.

What is EDR? How does it work?

The Endpoint Detection and Response service aims to detect malicious activity and threats and take appropriate action to prevent possible violations.

EDR is a natural evolution of antivirus. It has built-in artificial intelligence (AI) that analyzes its behavior for signs of anomalies, patterns, or violations. AI provides additional capabilities to understand normal working practices over time and prevent violations.

EDR security solutions provide real-time visibility into network endpoints and proactive capabilities to identify and respond to endpoint threats.

The EDR solution enables continuous monitoring. You get the benefit of setting up an automated process to track threats on your endpoints.

Threat detection capabilities vary from vendor to vendor, but most often scan patterns for anomalies that represent malicious activity. Artificial intelligence (AI) keeps investigating networks, users, and events to keep security teams up to date.

I’ve tested several options, including CrowdStrike, Windows Defender, and ESET EDR, but after testing, I’ve decided to recommend SentinelOne. At the 2020 MITRE Ingenuity ATT & CK Evaluation, the industry’s most trusted third-party performance test, SentinelOne achieved record results and was the first to offer 100% visibility of attacks with the most analytical detection for the second consecutive year. Became an EDR vendor. The SentinelOne Singularity platform integrates a 174-step campaign into seven out-of-the-box console alerts that automatically provide analysts with the context and correlation they need without extensive configuration.

CrowdStrike’s performance was unmarked in terms of speed and content, and despite 62 mistakes, delays, and configuration changes, it detected only one-third. We are confident that we are partnering with the best suppliers to provide the best possible solutions.

In this exercise, you learned that it is imperative that the industry maintain cutting-edge technology, remain flexible, focus on clients and partners, and establish a position as a leader in this area. ..

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Skill Up Essentials-Bay of Plenty Business News

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