Sir Michael Caine says he will stop acting after the next role

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Sir Michael Caine said he would stop acting after the next movie and soon broke everyone’s hearts.

Legendary actor Opened about his health And his next film, a new career as a best-selling author, will probably be his last film.

“I got this part of alcoholism, and strangely, it turned out to be really my last part,” he said. “I haven’t worked for two years and I have spinal problems that affect my legs and I can’t walk well.

“And I also wrote a successful published book-several books-I’m a writer, not an actor. As an actor, I have to get up at 6:30 in the morning and go to the studio. wonderful.

“Writer, you start writing without leaving your bed!”

Asked in Car Mode and Mayo Movie Review To clarify if the bestseller would be his last movie, Sir Michael continued:’I think so.

“Obviously there was no offer for two years because no one was making the movie I wanted to do.

Sir Michael said his next movie would probably be his last part (Photo: WireImage).

“I’m 88 years old too! The script isn’t poured when the leading actor is 88 years old! See?’

Despite Sir Michael’s comment wrap He confirmed to the representative that he was “not completely retired.”

I’m looking forward to it here!

The bestseller starring Sir Michael with Aubrey Plaza and Scott Speedman, following a grumpy, retired writer who reluctantly embarks on a final book tour to help a young publisher.

Sir Michael, who began his career in the 1940s, became one of Britain’s most beloved actors, including Great Britain, Rita and College Professor, The Dark Knight Trilogy, and Kingsman. I’m appearing.

Earlier this year, the star believes he gave his grandchildren a “new life lease”, saying they wanted to spend more time with them.

He has an eldest daughter, Dominique, 65, and his first wife, Patricia Haynes, Natasha, 48. His second wife, Shakira Baksh, And three grandchildren.

The Oscar winner talked about his “new perspective on life” and explained that his family was the highlight of his life.

“I decided to live a little longer, I reduced my drinks and got a new perspective on my life. I thought I had no grandchildren, but suddenly I had three.” .. Candis Magazine..

“They are the fountain of my youth and have given me a new life lease without worry or worries. I am completely absorbed in it, so is my wife.

“I had some high points in my life, I won two Academy Awards and was qualified as a knight, and I thought you couldn’t be better than that But then I got my grandson, it’s better than anything.’

Metro.co.uk is seeking comment from Sir Michael Caine’s representative.

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Sir Michael Caine says he will stop acting after the next role

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