Sir Michael Caine brings his beloved wife Shakira closer to a glamorous outing

Sir Michael and Shakira struck the town (Photo: Goff)

Sir Michael Caine kept his 48-year-old wife, Shakira Baksh, nearby. London this week.

The pair was seen heading to Scott, a celebrity-loved hotspot at Mayfair, on Wednesday. The Italian work icon looked fine when he was shining with Shakira.

Similarly, Shakira smiled broadly as the pair stepped into the facility.

Sir Michael, 88, wearing swish blue button-ups and slacks, was helped by a wand as he walked to Nosherry with his pearl-decorated wife 74. A fashionable red satin dress remains beside him.

After slipping on the ice in February 2018, I have used a wand to discover stars since my ankle was injured.

Sir Michael and Shakira married in 1973 after the Dark Knight star found an actor in a British television ad for Maxwell House coffee in 1971.

The pair is celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary (Photo: GoffPhotos.com)
The icon has been using a wand since 2018 (Photo: GoffPhotos.com)

Sir Michael reportedly was keen to find a woman he thought was “the most beautiful I’ve ever seen … the most beautiful he’s ever seen” and later they were so far from each other in London. I found that I live in a place where I don’t have one. The pair married in Las Vegas on January 8th and has one daughter, Natasha, 48 years old.

Recently, Sir Michael – has another daughter, Dominique, 65, with actress Patricia Haines from her previous marriage – He reduced liquor To hang out a little more and spend more fulfilling time with my three grandchildren.

“I decided to live a little longer, I reduced my drinks and got a new perspective on my life. I thought I had no grandchildren, but suddenly I had three,” he said. I told Candis magazine earlier this year.

“They are the fountain of my youth and have given me a new life lease without worry or worries. I am completely absorbed in it, so is my wife.

“I had some high points in my life, I won two Academy Awards and was qualified as a knight, and I thought you couldn’t be better than that But then I got a grandson, it’s better anything. “

In praise of Shakira, Sir Michael had previously insisted that his wife would not be here without saving him.

He told the Radio Times in 2016: I was probably drunk and dead.

“I was a little ap ** s artist when I was young. I drank a bottle of vodka a day and smoked a few packs a day.

“I wasn’t unhappy, but it was stressful.” I’m going to take another picture? How do you do this part? How do you remember all these lines? I have to wake up at 6am, so I hope the alarm clock works. “

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Sir Michael Caine brings his beloved wife Shakira closer to a glamorous outing

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