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Sir Ian Taylor: Warning to note in May 2020


The Prime Minister is grateful for the answers to the first nine questions I asked a few days ago. I’m interested in how the Mayor of Queenstown looks similar to the reaction when the recently announced quarantine requirements expressed concern about how they are killing what remains in the local tourism industry. I was careful.

Like him, I was told that I could expect a response from Minister Hypkins soon.

This answer is consistent with another answer shared with me by many who offered to help off the bench with their expertise. It is offered in various forms, but basically it says “Thank you” but “No”. Most of them came from Dr. Bloomfield and MOH. In other words, “believe us know what we are doing.”

Trust is gained, and your initial response to situations we have never faced has earned national trust. However, he then wasted more than 16 months of being Covid-free in preparation for the inevitable arrival of Covid in Aotearoa.

You may recall the presentation Sam Morgan gave you about the “Covid Card” in early 2020.

I was around those discussions and recently checked the notes Sam took when he first called me about his concerns about the direction we were heading. This was May 2020.

In summary, they read:

“I hope it doesn’t happen, but it’s very likely that a new variant of Covid will arrive in the country in a year to a year and a half. It will almost certainly first appear in churches in South Auckland and elsewhere. Probably a community gathering. English is a second language for many in the community, so the heartfelt advice written by Wellington staff does not resonate at all. Most people, not to mention mobile phones. That, I don’t have a phone, so one solution is suitable. All of the Covid tracing apps make contact tracing incredibly difficult, if not impossible. “

He continued to observe:

“The virus spreads throughout the community for communal living, then invades homeless people on the street and can no longer be tracked from there. The covid tracking team stretches to the limit and they never find the original virus. A cross-border source of information in which much of this community is active. “

When I recently mentioned this to one of your health advisors, the reaction was “Well, it’s all very well with hindsight!”.

It was May 2020!

It was not hindsight. I was planning a future that I didn’t want to come, but if I did, I had to prepare. That’s what businesses have to do every day.

Building a testing infrastructure with a variety of flexible testing options, including rapid antigen testing for home, work, and school, needed to be part of that plan. You can’t change the fact that you didn’t do this when you needed it, but wasn’t it when MOH began to listen to the advice and offers of help coming out of the bench? Since raising my nine questions, I have been contacted by many experts in this field. They provided help only to receive the standard “thank you, but not thank you” reply.

Trust is two-way, and MOH re-provided the “best-known” rapid antigen testing protocol when it finally agreed to allow it to be sold in pharmacies. A pharmacist in the store. You weren’t going to trust us to actually use them-like in other worlds-and you now with their regular clients while waiting for their results to pharmacists I was asking them to bring people who might have Covids with whom they could meet to their premises.

This Week’s Question 1:

How has that “we know best” approach ever worked?

A locked down border that you have 100% control over has leaked. I don’t know where I am yet, but as Sam Morgan predicted almost two years ago, we now know that there are thousands of Covid cases in the country.

Sir Ian Taylor at his home in Auckland.Photo / Brett Fibs
Sir Ian Taylor at his home in Auckland.Photo / Brett Fibs

The short-term sharp blockade strategy has now been extended to over 100 days in Auckland, dividing the country in ways we never imagined. And yes, now thousands of people have Covids, are isolated at home, and are with their families.

The PR line continues to admire the strengths of MIQ. It is usually along a line that has brought about 190,000 people across national borders over the last two years. Before Covid, that number was 20,000 a week.

The number we should discuss is the number of Kiwi citizens trapped abroad. Some have missed the early years of their child’s growth for more than a year, some do not have a visa, and some have no means of assistance. You won’t notice that you can’t hear the tagline – “Be kind”

If there is no other way to deal with it, I would understand this approach. However, we are waiting for your officials to actually respond to one of the taglines borrowed from Maori, He Waka Eke Noa. We are all together. In the Maori world, they are not just words. We are living them.

Finally, we return to the nine questions awaiting answers from Minister Hypkins.

He can now drop Question 3-a question about using urgency to change the law.

Already on November 19th, a law firm added a clause to Covid 19 Public Health Response Amendment Bill (No 2) that effectively empowers Dr. Bloomfield to seize the assets of private companies. I received a memo saying that I did. And pay for their services at the commercial rates he decides. They can appeal the decision to the district court, but no more. You do not have the right to appeal to the High Court.

That leads me to the second and third questions.

That we seem to be in this position as Dr. Bloomfield and MOH have decided on taxpayer funding currently being used to subsidize only one of Canada’s nasopharyngeal PCR tests. Given that, do you think it is a rational use of urgency? Was the result delivered up to 5 days late when the kiwi solution was also offered?

Could it be this kiwi company whose assets are confiscated under this new law?

Sir Ian Taylor: Warning to note in May 2020

SourceSir Ian Taylor: Warning to note in May 2020

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