Singer releases new single solar power

Lord released her new single solar power along with a music video.

The track is a summer ode to warm weather and reflects cover art.

“I hate winter and can’t stand the cold. I tend to cancel all plans. She sings in the first poem.

“When the heat comes, something will settle. Can I kick it? Yes, I can.”

Summer jams see Road greet spring on a track backed by a happy guitar. She sings about throwing her phone into the water so that no one can reach her.

The music video features a road dancing on the beach with a group of friends in gorgeous yellow skirts and crop tops.

Lord also hints at a track partner rumored to be music executive Justin Warren. “My boy behind me, he’s taking pictures.”

The singer sent a personal message to her fans via her email mailing list, detailing the inspiration behind her new era.

“This album celebrates nature and is an attempt to immortalize the deep and transcendental emotions I have when I’m outdoors,” she explained.

“Her legs are always naked. She’s sexy, playful, savage, and free. She’s a modern girl in a deadstock bikini, touching the past and future, at the highest level when summer comes. It vibrates, “writes Lord.

“Her skin is shining and she has a lot of lovers. I’m completely obsessed with her, and soon you’ll be.”

She confirmed that Solar Power was the title track for her next album.

“Finally, it’s my sacred joy to be able to introduce my third studio album.”

Singer pays homage to New Zealand

Lord was playing Kiwi designer Georgia Alice in honor of his hometown. Georgia Alice announced yesterday that she will retire from an international brand. In cover art, the diva wore a designer knit pearl top and branded dresses, tops and skirts in newly released images.

Grammy Award winners said: “I made everything with my friends here in New Zealand. My best friend Ophelia took a cover photo, lay on the sand and both laughed.

“The director Joel, who made my first music video, helped me make the video and built the whole world of cinema that you can’t wait to see.”

Lord shared behind-the-scenes photos of the music video and wore New Zealand designer costumes. (Photo / Road)

She says the new album “encapsulates” her hometown.

New Zealand fans have adapted to the winter weather and joked that Lord was a “Southern Hemisphere” baby.

“Don’t worry about it, I know it’s literally impossible for all of you to wrap your little head.”

Eagle Eye fans suggest that the music video may have been shot on the beach on Waiheke Island.

Songs released after the leak

The song was released on a streaming service today at 10am, apparently after being leaked online earlier.

Esquire reported that the song appeared briefly on some streaming sites (Tidal and Amazon Music) but was removed after a few minutes.

Rumors that Lord was planning to release new music were talked about on Twitter last week before the artist confirmed that a new album was in progress and shared the cover art on her website.

A new photo on her website revealed the cover artwork for Solar Power, along with a short message: “Arrived in 2021 … Patience is a virtue.”

Cover art is strikingly different from her previous album, and she hasn’t released an album for four years, which excites fans with the new music.

There’s no hint of release date or song title, but speculation grew last week after a site revealed that two singles would be released “immediately.”

The account claimed that Lord would release a new song on her third album, a lead single called Solar Power and a promotional song mood ring, within the same week.

The patience plea from her fans reflects her statement from an email magazine sent to her fans last year, confirming that she had teamed up with Jack Antonoff again to make new music.

“Okay, I just want to give him a treat and put the perfect mauser directly into his little mouth,” she wrote to fans at the time.

“But as we get older, we find that we have something to say with the comfort of waiting for quality, which can be available much sooner, but As quality bears fruit, warm feelings grow in you. Do you know what I mean? “

She hasn’t released any new music since the acclaimed 2017 album Melodrama, and even the Instagram story, which encourages fans to update their emails and vote in last year’s general election, has attracted public attention. I’m collecting.

Since then, Lord has released a Going South photobook, most recently announced as the headliner for the Primavera 2022.

The Greenlight singer booked a slot at the Primavera Festival in Barcelona in 2022. This may indicate she’s about to release new music and will go on tour.

Singer releases new single solar power

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