Simone Biles reveals how “Twistys” still affects her gymnastics performance

Simone Biles’ horrifying experience Tokyo Olympics This summer continues to influence the way she does gymnastics to this day. In a new interview, Biles revealed that she was “still scared” of making certain moves, but she is very proud of herself overcoming it.

NS today At this week’s show, Biles said she was still “Twisty“When she plays. This phenomenon, which can also be caused by stress, occurs when the athlete’s mind and body are cut in the air, which can lead to loss of muscle memory and spatial awareness. Due to the danger. ,she Pull out Among the several Olympic events earlier this year, that’s why she’s preventing her from making the movements that need to be twisted in the air. Gold over America Tour She is currently on.

“I don’t twist. I do a double layout half-out, which is my characteristic move on the floor, but that didn’t affect me,” Biles explained. It’s very heavy. And I see the girl do it. It’s not exactly the same. “I’m still afraid to do gymnastics,” Biles added.

Biles is also frustrated, given how much she loves sports, “I can’t do what I’ve done forever and do it for everything I’ve experienced.” I talked about that. “It’s difficult,” she said in tears. “I don’t think people understand the magnitude of what I’ve experienced, but for years I’m proud of myself to experience everything I’ve experienced and bring it to the fore. I’m thinking. ”

In an interview, four-time Olympic champions also revisited what happened in Tokyo, including her long-standing oppression of being sexually abused by former U.S. gymnast Larry Nassar. Twisty.. “After years of suppressing so many emotions and being at the forefront of the global scene, I think everything really came to light,” Biles said. “My body and mind have made it possible to suppress all that for years, as long as it takes, and as soon as I step into the Olympic scene, it can’t do it anymore. I decided that it was cracked. ”

Biles recalled the moment he realized he couldn’t play and said he was likely to blame himself at first. anxiety And the amputation she was experiencing. “But I knew I couldn’t hold myself responsible,” she said. “And when that happened, all the elements were put together and we knew exactly what was happening and why it was happening.”

Biles I believe her experience shows the importance of facing mental health issues head-on. “That’s why mental health and mental health care are so important to prevent that from happening,” Biles said. “I’m grateful that I wasn’t someone else. I was strong enough, I knew I could recover and I was okay with the right help,” she continued.

Simone Biles reveals how “Twistys” still affects her gymnastics performance

Source link Simone Biles reveals how “Twistys” still affects her gymnastics performance

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