Simon Cowell downsizing SyCo 17 years later to “focus on the family”

Simon Cowell allegedly wants to focus on his family (Photo: Getty Images).

Simon Cowell Eighteen years later, he plans to shrink his production company SyCo.

Recently a star, Propose to his longtime partner Lauren Silberman, Especially said to want to focus more on his family life After his bicycle accident In 2020.

Various staff are due to leave, which is described as the “end of the era.”

A producer working near the big guy and his staff said: ‘The experience and lunchpad that Syco provides to its employees is completely unique and working with Simon is a great opportunity. On screen and on screen.

“It’s a show taking place not only in the UK, but around the world, and he indirectly opens the door to many.

“Simon is a great mentor and by working with him he has brought a lot of people to the top of the entertainment business around the world. And I’ve heard that he works with him. Everyone is very grateful for those opportunities and experiences and seems to understand the direction he wants to go.

“Simon is a very exciting and loyal company leader and most of his staff have been with him for many years. Yes, he expects people to work hard, but there. Those who leave will be the best in business. Simon always encourages entrepreneurship, so those who leave may get up quickly or perhaps start their own business. They are all creative and have a wealth of experience under their belts.

He recently suggested to Lauren (Photo: FilmMagic)

Source Said to the sun:’Simon has reached a time when he does not want the stress of running a global empire, so he has made a difficult decision to disband Psycho.

“Obviously, everyone involved, including Simon, is very sad. It’s really the end of the era. Simon made this decision with all his heart, but after a lot of deliberation, it’s the best for him and his family. I had to do that.

“Especially during the pandemic, and since the bike accident, running his business internationally has been exhausted, and of course Simon now wants to focus on other things, especially his family. increase.”

SyCo has started a star career including One Direction (Photo: WireImage)

SyCo started as a record label in 2005 and later created a franchise for Got Talent and X Factor.

Simon, 62, and SyCo started their careers with stars such as Leona Lewis, One Direction, and Susan Boyle.

The mogul is open about how his son Eric (7 years old) has Changed his view of life, Star confirmed that he and Lauren’s eldest son Adam were attending his recent proposal.

He used to insist he wouldn’t get married, but when he asked Lauren a question 13 years later, Simon surprised his fans and friends.

Source Said to the sun:’Lauren was absolutely stunned and didn’t expect Simon to ask questions for a million years. She shed tears suddenly – happy tears – and apparently immediately said “yes”.

“It was important for Simon that the children were there too, because he loves both the children and the family they have achieved.”

They added: In Beyonce’s words, it’s time to put on a ring. “

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Simon Cowell downsizing SyCo 17 years later to "focus on the family"

Source link Simon Cowell downsizing SyCo 17 years later to "focus on the family"

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