Shotgun Wedding: Even JLo and JCool Can’t Save This Simply Bad Action Comedy

Shotgun Wedding (R16, 101 minutes) Directed by Jason Moore**

Jennifer Lopez, who survived wedding planner and in-law monster, now faces groomzilla and gatecrash gunman.

But while her tenacious bride Darcy Rivera rises to those challenges in The Shotgun Wedding, even JLo’s charisma thrives on the film’s lead script, predictable plot, and tone sprinkled across the map. is not comparable to

Yes, it’s an action comedy, with very little laughter, no fireworks and set pieces, and gear grunts. Director Jason Moore (Pitch Perfect) tried and failed to shift seamlessly. Wrapping Mark Hammer’s (2014, Miles Teller-starring rom-com Two Night Stand) messy Snatched Meets Forgetting Sarah Marshall-esque story into a sort of coherent and entertaining form While requesting two genres.

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What feels like just an excuse for the cast and crew to enjoy an island vacation, our story is set in the Mahal Island resort in the Philippines (it was actually filmed in the Dominican Republic).

Darcy and her fiancé Tom Fowler (Josh Duhamel) want to officiate their own wedding and turn down the offer of her entrepreneur father Robert (Cheech Marin).

Despite his tight budget, Tom is committed to getting every detail right for his future brides, even if his DIY approach doesn’t always yield the best results.


In Shotgun Wedding, Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel play a couple whose already strained relationship is put to the test when a shooter gatecrashes their wedding.

But the recently out-of-contract minor league baseball player can’t quite cover all the bases. Stealing Jennifer Coolidge) is on his first trip outside the United States, with the unexpected arrival of Darcy’s glamorous ex Sean (disappointingly one-sided Lenny Kravitz). Robert’s invitation. Both increase marital tension, and Tom and Darcy begin to wonder if they are doing the right thing.

But such concerns fade into the background when a group of mercenaries raid the resort, invite all the guests to the pool and demand Robert transfer his fortune to their accounts.


Despite a few scene-stealing moments, even Jennifer Coolidge can’t save an awful shotgun wedding.

What follows is a bone-crushing, slapstick-heavy caper that includes an out-of-control golf cart, a kitchen fight, a collapsing wedding dress, and a grenade-hugging JLo.

To be fair, Lopez seems more down-to-earth in action scenes than in his early sex comedies, but Duhamel (third choice behind Ryan Reynolds and the now-infamous Armie Hammer) is both I am stuck with the character of Improbable and terribly one-dimensional.


Shotgun Wedding is a laborious, slapstick-heavy caper involving out-of-control golf carts, kitchen fights, and collapsing wedding dresses.

His presence only adds to the overall impression that this is a dated movie. He kept the headline because it felt like when.

That this kind of genre film had a cast of old favorites (here, Edwin McCain’s 1997 hit “I’ll Be”) singing regularly and ending with a dance/karaoke number (Does the Bangles Walk like an Egyptian?) Well, those old tropes have been swept away here.

Anyone who sees Coolidge’s vanity and presence, white lotus satire Chances are you’ll be terribly disappointed (although she delivers a crowd-pleasing moment), this is the wedding invitation we recommend you decline.

The Shotgun Wedding is now available to stream on Prime Video. Shotgun Wedding: Even JLo and JCool Can’t Save This Simply Bad Action Comedy

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