Shooting in Indianapolis: Authorities investigate motives after eight people were killed | Indianapolis

The FBI and authorities were investigating possible motives on Friday after gunmen killed eight people and injured a few more. Indianapolis, The latest in a series of mass shootings to shake the United States.

Indianapolis police said they were still processing the crime scene and were working to identify the victims of the attack that occurred shortly after 11:00 pm local time on Thursday night.

A family of employees at a facility on the southwestern side of the city gathered overnight at a nearby hotel hoping to reunite with a loved one who couldn’t be reached because they couldn’t carry their cell phones. Working.

Police said the shooter committed suicide shortly after the shooting and before the police arrived. FBI Indianapolis special agent Paul Keenan said the suspect’s shooting motives were “premature to speculate.” Police said the Indianapolis house associated with the shooting was being searched on Friday morning.

“The suspect came to the facility. When he came there, he got out of the car and immediately started random shooting outside the facility,” said Indianapolis City Police Deputy Chief of Criminal Investigation. Said Craig McCart.

“There was no conflict, no turmoil, no controversy. He seemed to start shooting randomly … it started from the parking lot to the facility,” McCart said. He later added that the suspect had a “rifle.”

McCart said the suspect has not yet been clearly identified. He said there were no conflicts before the shooting began and casualties occurred in just a few minutes.

According to police, five people were hospitalized. The other two were treated and released in the field.

Witnesses said he was working inside the building when he heard several gunshots in a row.

“I see a man come out with a rifle in his hand, start firing, and start screaming what I don’t understand,” Levi Miller told WTHR-TV. “What I did was ducking to make sure he wasn’t looking at me because he looked at me and thought he would shoot me.”

Mindy Carson was a member of a family gathered at a nearby hotel to wait for the words of his loved ones.

“What if my child doesn’t get a text message, doesn’t get the information, or doesn’t know where to do what?” Carson said in tears. Her daughter, Jessica, was working at the facility and she wasn’t contacted by her.

This is the third mass shooting in Indianapolis this year and the latest in a series of such attacks across the United States in recent months. After a significant reduction in mass shootings in 2020, which was hit by a pandemic, the Gun Violence Archive stated that there had been 147 mass shootings so far in 2021.

“Since January, the third time this morning, our community has quickly awakened to news of nonsensical crimes that never leave our memory,” lamented Indianapolis Police Chief Randall Taylor. I did.

Five people, including a pregnant woman, were shot dead in January, and the man was accused of killing three adults and one child before kidnapping his daughter during a quarrel at home in March.

8 people were shot deadly Massage business throughout Metro Atlanta, And 10 people were killed in the shooting Boulder supermarket, Colorado, last month.

The mayor of Indianapolis, Joe Hogset, called the shooting part of the “cycle of violence” due to the “quickly reachable gun” in the United States. Prior to the shootings, Hogset was one of more than 150 mayors who signed a letter calling on the US Senate to close a loophole in firearm background checks and tighten gun control legislation.

“Beyond the need for comfort for sorrow, we need to prevent resignation and even despair-this is just what it should be, and we may be accustomed to it. That’s what Hogset said. “We need the courage to force courageous action to overcome fatigue.”

Joe Biden last week announced half a dozen enforcement actions to combat what he called “epidemic and international embarrassment” of gun violence in the United States, but he said he needed more. Said.

FedEx said: “We are aware of the tragic shootings at the FedEx Ground facility near Indianapolis Airport. Safety is our number one priority and our thinking is on everyone affected. We are more. We are working to gather a lot of information and are working with investigative authorities. “

Shooting in Indianapolis: Authorities investigate motives after eight people were killed | Indianapolis

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