Shaquille O’Neal struggles to pay and buys a stranger’s engagement ring

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Shaquille O’Neal made the life of a man a little easier after he generously paid for an engagement ring he couldn’t buy.

I’ve heard NBA legends casually shop at the Zales store in Atlanta, where they have a jewelry collection and discuss a payment plan to repay a ring suggested by a stranger.

The 49-year-old Shakir was moved by the plight of a “young and hard-working” man and stepped in with an inflated wallet. The heartwarming momentary footage shows Shaq handing his credit card to the cashier before waving his hand and tapping his shoulder.

Shaq, who talked about viral clips, said yesterday at TNT’s NBA:

“I saw a man coming in — he was very shy and said,” Hey, how much do I borrow to repay my ring? ” I was like, “My man, how much is the ring?”

“I’m not going to say the amount … this is what I do every day.”

When the man heard he was willing to come back the next month to pay for the ring, Shak told him: “Tell your girlfriend that I got it.”

Shaquille O’Neal was impressed with the man’s situation

He then revealed:’At first he didn’t want to take it, he’s like “No, I can’t do it”. I told you not to worry about doing so all the time. I’m just trying to make people smile, that’s it. ”

Later, a former Los Angeles Lakers player explained that he recently went shopping for furniture with his mother and came across a woman with an autistic daughter. Shaq generously undertook the bill himself when he found her trying to buy some items.

“I’m obsessed with making people happy, so whenever I leave home I try to do good deeds. I don’t do that for that, so I wasn’t going to get it out.”

Even the cashier was surprised when Shaq handed over his credit card
The man was buying a ring to propose to his girlfriend

Not surprisingly, Shakir fans praised his generosity and welcomed him as a “lover.”

One Twitter user said:

Another joke, I’m fishing for a free gift. ‘@ SHAQ How many engagement rings are you trying to repay? If you’re still looking, I can think of 100 things that make this poor, debt-ridden teacher smile! ”

Looking back on their own positive experience with retired basketball stars, one said: He takes more. He didn’t even pull the “extra for my kids / spouse / friends” stunt. It is generally accepted as a gimmie.

Another fan had a similar experience, saying: Twenty-five years ago, when I was playing Magic, I made time for my kids to take pictures during the warm-up of the heat game (me). I was shunned by all heat players, but not by Shakir. He knew it meant a lot, and even the staff moved out of the way for better photos. Shaq is a gentle soul. ”

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Shaquille O'Neal struggles to pay and buys a stranger's engagement ring

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