Severe details of a soccer star’s field collapse emerge

A major athletic heart specialist warned that Danish football player Christian Eriksen may never play again following a health horror in Copenhagen on Saturday.

The football world was breathtaking after Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest and fell head-on in the first half and second half of Denmark’s Euro 2020 opening match against Finland.

When healthcare professionals performed CPR on the pitch, teammates formed a shield around Eriksen. Some players wept and others prayed.

After 10 minutes of treatment on the pitch, the 29-year-old child was stretched out of the venue and taken to the hospital.

The Danish Football Association later confirmed that Eriksen was “awakening” and “stable.”

“I spoke to Christian Eriksen, who greeted his teammates this morning,” the statement said.

“His condition is stable and he continues to be hospitalized for further examination.

“The national team team and staff are in critical support and will be there for each other after yesterday’s incident.”

Professor Sanjay Sharma, who worked with Eriksen during his seven-year mission at Tottenham Hotspur, warned that football groups would hesitate to allow Inter Milan midfielders to play again.

“Obviously something was terribly wrong,” Sharma told PA news agency.

“But they managed to get him back, what happened to the problem and why did it happen?

“This guy had been undergoing regular tests until 2019, so how would you describe this cardiac arrest?

“The fact that he is stable and awake, his outlook will be very good.

“I don’t know if he will play soccer again.

“Frankly, he died today for a few minutes, but since he died, will medical professionals allow him to die again? The answer is no.

“His cardiac arrest has shaken the whole country today, and it happens. It’s not just them that affect it, it’s the spirit of so many people.

“The good news is that he lives and the bad news is that he is nearing the end of his career, so will he play another professional soccer game? That can’t be said to me. Hmm.

“He didn’t play in the UK. We would be very strict about it.”

“Lifesaving heart massage”

Eriksen made 226 appearances in the Spurs between 2013 and 2020 before signing with Inter Milan last year. He has also played 109 games in Denmark since his international debut in 2010.

After a match at Parken Stadium in Copenhagen, Danish team doctor Martin Bosen revealed that Eriksen’s pulse had stopped during a horrific trial.

“When the Christian fell, we were called into the field. When we approached him, he was lying down, breathing and pulsing,” said Booßen.

“But the situation changed and he received a life-saving heart massage. We immediately regained the Christians with the help of a stadium doctor.”

Yesterday, Booßen told reporters that there was no explanation for the cause of Eriksen’s cardiac arrest.

“He left and we did CPR,” he said.

“How close were we? I don’t know. After one defibrillation, I got him back. [defibrillation], It’s pretty fast.

“There is no explanation so far … that’s one of the reasons he’s still in the hospital.”

Sports community Praise Danish captain Simon Kjaer For fixing the neck of his teammates, securing the airway, and performing CPR until the doctor arrived.

Referee Anthony Taylor was also blessed by his quick thoughts, especially the Duke of Cambridge and the Duchess.

South Korean Son Heung-min gave Eriksen a 66-minute penalty with a 2-1 victory over Lebanon on Sunday.

Danish coach Kasper Hjulmand praised his team for returning to the field and completing the match after a traumatic test.

“Everyone agreed to play and it was incredible what we tried to do,” Hjulmand said.

“We have players that we can’t admire enough. We couldn’t be proud of these people who value each other very much.

“They first decided to do nothing until the Christians were conscious and convinced that everything was okay.

“So I had two options: to finish the game tonight or to play tomorrow at noon. Everyone agreed to play today.

“The fact that the players tried to play and dominate the second … I’m very influenced.”

Hjulmand admitted that he later regretted the decision to continue the match, but revealed that Eriksen wanted the team to continue.

“Christians want us to continue playing, so we will do so,” Hjulmand said.

“I want to play for Christians.”

After losing 1-0 to Finland, Denmark will face Belgium at 2:00 am on Friday.

Text by Nic Savage,

Severe details of a soccer star’s field collapse emerge

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