Senate testified that the US Capitol riot was “ready for war” | US Capitol Violation

The Trump-backed mob who attacked the building was “ready for war,” said the Capitol police chief, who resigned in the riot after witnessing at the first parliamentary hearing on the US Capitol attack on Tuesday.

Joe Biden’s candidate for Attorney General, Merrick Garland, seems to agree. At a confirmation hearing on Monday, which was the setting for a joint hearing on Tuesday by the Senate’s Land Security Committee and the Rules Committee, he said he would extend the criminal investigation to the assault on January 6 in Congress. It has been decades ago that domestic terrorism is a greater threat to American democracy.

Prior to the House Judiciary Committee, Garland described the rebellion between Trump supporters and white supremacists as “a vicious act that sought to destroy the foundations of our democracy.” He said his first action would be to focus on domestic terrorism if confirmed as the Supreme Prosecutor of the United States.

He described the January 6 case as “not necessarily one-off,” and now federal judge Garland has promised to exercise the full power of the Justice Department to prevent repeated attacks.

“I’m going to take a broader look at where this is coming from and what other groups may cause the same problem in the future,” he said.

Merrick Garland will speak at a confirmation hearing held at the House Judiciary Committee on February 22nd. Photo: Xinhua / REX / Shutterstock

On Tuesday, two top executives responsible for securing the Capitol on the day of the deadly assault were called in to give evidence to Congress.

Former sergeant Paul Irving of the House of Representatives and his equivalent of the Senate, Michael Stenger, both resigned after the breach and appeared before a joint hearing of the two Senate committees. It marked the beginning of a parliamentary investigation into the enormous revocation of security behind the riots.

“This was a violent and coordinated attack that could have made life-threatening much worse,” Stenger said.

Irving said: “Based on intelligence, we all believed that the plan was responding to the threat and we were ready. We found that the plan was wrong.”

Two other officials, former Parliamentary police chief Steven Sund and deputy police chief of the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, also testified. Sand also resigned in the wake of the catastrophe.

“These criminals were ready for the war,” Sando told Senator.

Carneysha Mendoza, Captain of Parliament Police, January 6th was described as the “worst and worst” of all the days she worked.

“Maybe the number of people working with us was ten times as many, but I think the fight was just as devastating,” Mendoza said.

Captain Carneysha Mendoza of the Houses of Parliament testifies at a Senate hearing on February 23.
Captain Carneysha Mendoza of the Houses of Parliament testifies at a Senate hearing on February 23. Photo: REX / Shutterstock

The riots arose from a rally to “save America” ​​and “stop stealing”, inspired by Donald Trump’s lie that the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent.The event is Widely advertised On social media. Mr. Trump headlined the first rally and tweeted the incendiary speech he requested a few weeks ago: “A big protest in Washington, DC on January 6th. Being there, you’ll be wild!”

Five people were killed in the subsequent riots. A woman trying to break into her room was shot dead by police. Brian Sicknick, a parliamentary police officer, died after being struck by a fire extinguisher.

Rob Portman, Ohio, in the Senate on Tuesday, A top Republican member of the Homeland Security Commission said two other police officers had committed suicide since the riots.

In his opening remarks, Portman said that these officers “never forget their service and sacrifice.” He was one of the 43 Republican senators who voted to acquit Trump in a crackdown trial resulting from the riot, and the former president was charged with inciting the riot.

The aggressive approach to investigating the January 6 riots, coupled with Garland’s testimony, shows a sudden change in tack under Washington’s democratic leadership.

Garland’s emphasis on white supremacy and its explicit labeling as domestic terrorism tended to minimize danger, or, in the case of the former president, aggressively, Trump and Mitch McConnell, Senate. Shows a departure from the leadership of Republican leaders Refuse to blame A group of far-right and racist groups.

At a hearing on Garland’s Judiciary Committee, one Republican senator questioned the definition of domestic terrorism, alleging that one Republican senator threw eggs at the seditioner. Joshua Holy, Missouri, Fist Just before the outbreak of violence, with a sign of solidarity with the “stop stealing” crowd outside the Capitol.

At a hearing on Monday, Holy asked Garland if he considered violence against federal property during racial equality protests to be a form of domestic terrorism. Without mentioning Holi’s actions on January 6, Garland firmly replied that disrupting the democratic process, such as during the Capitol rebellion, fit the definition. I didn’t “attack the court at night”.

Garland is a credible voice on the issue of domestic terrorism. He was the chief prosecutor of the Oklahoma City bomber in 1995. In his testimony, he drew a line from the Capitol riots to Oklahoma City, where 168 people were killed and from there returned to the “former judicial battle against Kuu.” Kurkusukuran “.

Tuesday’s testimony by the former Parliamentary Security Director was arranged by Democrat Amy Klobuchar in Minnesota and Gary Peters in Michigan. Senators can actively ask witnesses what they prepared before the attack and why they seemed to be surprised despite many public warnings. It was expected.

A joint hearing by the Senate Department of Homeland Security and Regulations was just the beginning of a promising investigation welter.Trump Not guilty With the Senate on charges of impeachment of “riot incitement,” Democratic leaders are determined to consider the actions and mistakes that led to the assault.

A bipartisan independent committee may also be convened.

“This is certainly not the last hearing we will make about this attack,” Klobuchar said when the hearing began on Tuesday.

Senate testified that the US Capitol riot was “ready for war” | US Capitol Violation

Source link Senate testified that the US Capitol riot was “ready for war” | US Capitol Violation

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