Sean Penn’s wife Leila George “applies for divorce” a year after her wedding

Sean Penn and Leila George have been married for over a year (Photo: Getty Images)

Sean Penn’s wife Leila George reportedly applied for a divorce from the actor.

The two are believed to have split one year after the wedding.

According to TMZ, Leila filed a divorce notice with the Los Angeles County Superior Court on Friday.

Sean and Leila, daughters of actor Vincent D’Onofrio, tied a knot in July 2020 and later with the actor. Confirm that he had a “Covid wedding”.

The pair secretly held the ceremony, and the general public first Couple friends shared news online..

However, Sean (61) became open about his marriage to Leila (29) during his late-night appearance with Seth Meyers.

He flashed his wedding ring and said: So it was Zoom’s County Secretary, we were at home, my two kids and her brother.

And the actor revealed that he was very pleased with the fact that he had to minimize the wedding and make an oath at home through Zoom.

Host Seth admitted that after doing a “very large wedding” himself, he thought that a pandemic wedding “actually sounds pretty good and stress-free.”

Sean and Leila performed a “Covid wedding” last July (Photo: Getty Images from CORE Gala)

Sean replied: “Let’s say there is a social liberation factor under Covid.”

Have been paired Date Since 2016, I have tied the knot four years later.

Sean, who was also married to Madonna and Robin Wright, previously said it was difficult to date herself.

He said:’Is it difficult? Yeah, I think so. I say I’m a person who feels good and expresses, but I’ve misunderstood people that it’s me. “

Milk actor continued:’I think the interview you’re talking about is a woman named Leila George, she knows me better than this level, it I agree with her perception It doesn’t mean to do, but I certainly find them fascinating … She is a gal in my life. “

Metro.co.uk is seeking comments from Sean Penn and Leila George representatives.

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Sean Penn's wife Leila George "applies for divorce" a year after her wedding

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