Scott Morrison succumbs to pressure to set up Royal Commission for defense and veteran suicide | Australian Army

Scott Morrison succumbed to heightened political pressure by causing the Royal Commission to commit suicide between members of the Australian Defense Force and veterans.

The prime minister told reporters in Sydney on Monday that he had spoken to veterans who claimed that the government’s previous proposal was underdeveloped and “practical to get the right results.”

Morrison said he hopes the Royal Commission, which will start by July at the latest and will likely take up to two years to complete, become a “healing process.”

When asked about the government’s previous resistance to the Royal Commission’s request, Morrison said, “I just want to get things done.”

The government states that the Royal Commission will not produce findings on civil or criminal misconduct, or on the defense of individuals and the death of veterans due to suicide, but is “notified by personal experience.” ..

The study, which is likely to be led by three royal commissioners, may be related to higher suicide rates, including how ADF personnel will be out of service and what post-service support is available. Investigate some systematic problems.

The federal government, in consultation with the defense and veterans community, states and territories, finalizes the mandate and plans who will appoint the chair of the investigation.

Veterans Minister Darren Chester said the Royal Commission “reset the agenda and unite the veterans community on a very difficult, sensitive and incredibly complex issue for veterans and their families. It was an opportunity. ” ..

The government previously said that the Defense Commission and the National Commission’s plans to prevent veterans’ suicide would be able to investigate the issue in stages and would have the same powers as the Royal Commission. Resisted the request for investigation.

However, the bill to establish such a commissioner as the owner of an independent statutory office was sluggish in the Senate.

Last month, a non-binding motion for the Royal Commission passed through both houses with the support of both parties. The government did not oppose the move after the House cross-vencher Craig Kelly (former Liberal Party member) indicated his intention to support it.

Workers also claimed last week that “it is a shame for the public that more veterans have died from suicide in the last two decades than in the war, and that veterans commit suicide at twice the rate of the general population.” And is promoting the Royal Commission. “.

Union of community and public sector Says there is a backlog Of approximately 25,000 claims under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act to assist injured veterans.

The government supports veterans’ support when the government announced last week that the last 80 Australian defense personnel, still in Afghanistan, would return by September. Updated their call For greater government action to tackle their welfare.

Morrison said on Monday that an independent National Commission on Defense and Veteran Suicide Prevention did not give up on the issue in stages.

“This is an important reform, and it is still an important one … [but] I don’t want to see any delays in investigating these issues. “

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The Royal Commission considers past deaths due to suicide and systematic problems, the planned new State Councilor is given a “positive role” and implements recommendations arising from future investigations. You will be asked.

Julie Ann Finney, an Adelaide woman who lost her veteran son Dave Stafford Finney to a PTSD-related suicide, welcomed the Royal Commission’s announcement, saying “it’s been a while for veterans and their families.” ..

With more than 400,000 signatures on’s petition for investigation, Finney said, “Over the years, brave and tall in the face of many oppositions, we have been fighting for the Royal Commission. I am grateful to all the veterans. ” ..

“Today I’m still Dave’s mom,” Finney said in a statement on Monday.

“I’m very proud of him. If he were here now, his message to the veterans was” I’m your brother. I’m here for you.’This 2 All my fights of the year were to honor my son and prevent other mothers from feeling this pain in the future. “

Former Australian Army infantry officer and intelligence analyst Andrew Wilkie, an independent MP, said the Royal Commission announced that the veterans’ community would “sigh of relief” and the government refused orders for many years. “Deeply sad.”

“Today’s announcement is a great achievement and promises to bring some understanding and justice to the hundreds of veterans and service members who died in suicide,” Wilkey said.

“It has always been a terrible mistake and a serious problem that the suicide rate of veterans is twice the national average. Obviously, it is a serious systematic and cultural problem for the Veterans Affairs Department and the Australian Defense Force. there is.”

Jason Scanes, Afghan veteran and CEO of Forsaken Fighters, said the decision was far behind, but the government should have acted in 2019 with more than 300,000 signatures calling for the Royal Commission. ..

“I lost my companion in January when I joined the army 25 years ago. He was completely abandoned because they couldn’t get the burden of services they carry and the support they needed. A device that felt left to itself and was one of too many companions to see us constantly being lost in their own hands. “

Scanes said there were some positive developments in the veterans issue, especially in the efforts of the DVA Repatriation Commissioner Don Pinks and the OpenArms Peer Counseling Program. However, Mr Scans said he would remain “skeptical” about the Royal Commission until he confirmed the Commission’s mandate, and said he was afraid that the issue would be politicized.

“We should not politicize this issue. We need to unify our approach and ensure that veterans’ voices are heard.”

Neil James, Secretary-General of the Australian Defense Association, said the ADA has long supported the “long-deferred” Royal Commission.

“The real problem now is to make sure that the terms of reference are properly written and not politicized. This Royal Commission needs to reach the root of the problem, and many earlier. Unlike the wars of today, modern wars need to investigate the simple fact that most communities are fought without a true understanding of the nature of the conflict.

“Part of the care we receive is community understanding. This Royal Commission can highlight the essence of what veterans are experiencing and experiencing.”

In a broader statement on Monday, Morrison said the Australian Government needs to consider the “imminent risk” of danger in conflict zones, as well as long-term mental health sacrifices when deciding on future military deployments. Said there is.

“There is a much greater cost to be incurred beyond these deployments, which is a mental sacrifice to those veterans after they return,” Morrison said.

  • In Australia, support and counseling for veterans and their families is available 24 hours a day from OpenArms at 1800 011046. Safe Zone Support on 1800 142072

Scott Morrison succumbs to pressure to set up Royal Commission for defense and veteran suicide | Australian Army

Source link Scott Morrison succumbs to pressure to set up Royal Commission for defense and veteran suicide | Australian Army

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