Scott Morrison says gay teachers should not be fired under religious discrimination law | Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison added that gay teachers should not be dismissed from religious schools because of their sexual orientation. A long-standing but unfulfilled commitment To protect gay students from dropout.

rear Introducing a religious discrimination bill on Thursday, The Prime Minister told Canberra reporters: [his] The view that homosexual students should not be banished and homosexual teachers should not be dismissed from religious schools. “

In October 2018, during the Wentworth vice-election campaign, Morrison promised to reform the religious exemption of sexism law, but the promise was limited to student protection.

Scott Morrison Introduces Religious Discrimination Bill to Congress-Video
Scott Morrison Introduces Religious Discrimination Bill to Congress-Video

On November 17, when Attorney General Michaelia Cash wrote to the Australian Law Amendment Commission, she said, “You must not suspend or expel your child from school” based on gender or gender identity. I made a suggestion.

The Prime Minister’s comment on Thursday aimed to mitigate criticism that religious education institutions have the power to discriminate against religious “ethics” in employment, in fact allowing discrimination for other reasons. ..

Liberal moderates, including MPs Dave Sharma and Trent Zimmerman, and Senator Andrew Bragg Seeking protection for gay teachers and students Being ahead of schedule by 12 months to wait for the Australian Law Amendment Commission to review the Discrimination Act.

Asked why he had to wait for the protection of gay students, Morrison said the government was waiting for ALRC’s report and his view was “unchanged.”

“Homosexual students should not be expelled from religious schools and should not be dismissed if the homosexual teachers employed at those schools are homosexual.

“That’s always my view, and this bill does nothing to allow such a dismissal.

“It doesn’t provide the power to do that, and there couldn’t be any suggestion that it’s possible because it’s simply not. It’s treated under sexism.”

Federal law already includes an exemption from religious schools to discriminate against teachers based on gender or gender. However, only if it follows the school’s beliefs and is done “in good faith”.

The Religious Discrimination Package, introduced on Thursday, will allow schools to discriminate on the grounds of religion in their employment, provided that schools publish public policies that explain their ethics.

The new provision allows the federal government to regulate and invalidate state legislation regarding employment practices in educational institutions.

Another “resulting amendment” bill that clarifies this section is specifically targeted. Changes in Victoria It will limit discrimination in favor of religious people in school employment if it is an “inherent requirement” for that role.

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Earlier Thursday, Assistant Secretary of Justice Amanda Stalker told Radio National that she would not “tear” the allegations that gay students were banished and teachers were fired for sexual orientation. rice field.

Asked if a Christian school could refuse to hire gay teachers, Stalkers said in their public policy that “the school relies heavily on the community’s readiness to take the lead. “To do”-comments that inadvertently suggested “spirit” can use provisions for that purpose.

Jacinta Collins, head of the National Catholic Board of Education, said that Guardian Australia’s discrimination law creates “law problems” and teachers are discriminated against based on “unique characteristics” such as sexual orientation. He said he could claim. Porn exposure in class, etc. “

Asked how the law could protect sexuality-like features if the school could dismiss teachers for same-sex relationships, Collins replied that he was unaware of “such an example.”

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“We expect teachers to respect the religious spirit of their choice. If teachers are struggling with the religious spirit of the school, their choice is to work in other areas. ..

“If you have a mental problem, we have a multidimensional education department [they can work elsewhere] … The point of a Catholic school is to have a Catholic school. “

Archbishop Peter Comensoli of the Catholic Episcopal Conference in Australia said that Catholic institutions “like other non-belief-based organizations, want the freedom to hire people for our mission.”

“The value of religious groups to religious people and the wider society lies in their religious mission and their ability to embody and pursue that religious mission,” he said in a statement.

“Operating a religious organization, such as a religious school, according to its mission involves recognizing the ability to teach the school’s vision and hire staff who want to model it.”

Scott Morrison says gay teachers should not be fired under religious discrimination law | Scott Morrison

Source link Scott Morrison says gay teachers should not be fired under religious discrimination law | Scott Morrison

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