Scoop of ice cream, frozen yogurt and snow cones

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Friday, June 7, 2019 (HealthDay News)- cold, Sweet ice cream cones are a favorite summer treat-but don’t overdo it.

They are high in calories and probably less nutritious than you think. This also applies to frozen yogurt and flavored snow cones, according to Susie Weems, a professor of Home Economics and Consumer Sciences at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

Many people think ice cream is a good source Vitamin D And calcium. It’s not that fast, Weems said.

“It has calcium together Vitamin D, Vitamin A And some B vitamin To help release energy, along with about 2.5 to 3 grams of protein-not so much, but few, “she said in a college news release.

However, about 145 calories in a half cup of vanilla, chocolate Chip, it can break you diet -And fast.

A half-cup of vanilla frozen yogurt is about 117 calories and contains a little more calcium and protein, but Weems says it’s not any healthier.

For snow cones, which are syrups and flavors poured on shaved ice, Weems has about 90 calories (4 calories) per ounce of flavored syrup. sugar-freedom).In other words, you are basically gob down sugar water.

“Sweetness does not heal you thirstBut few people drink water after shaved ice, “Wames said.

If you really crave a shaved ice treat, she suggests a pickled cucumber juice cone. Its acidity thirsts and initiates a natural cooling system.

“The more you drink, the more you sweat,” said Weems. “When the sweat evaporates, you get cool.”

-Stephen Ryneberg

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Source: Baylor University, News Release, June 2019

Scoop of ice cream, frozen yogurt and snow cones

Source link Scoop of ice cream, frozen yogurt and snow cones

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