Scientists Find a Biological Link Between Hypertension and Breast Cancer

Friday, September 6, 2019 (USA heart Association News)-Researchers have identified proteins that may be both risk factors High blood pressure When breast cancer..

In previous studies High blood pressure Increases risk of developing by about 15% breast cancer Compared to normal women blood pressure..High levels of protein GRK4 (G protein-coupled receptor kinase 4) have been shown to be the cause High blood pressureAlso called High blood pressure..A new study presented at the American Heart Association on Friday High blood pressure GRK4 protein in a science session in New Orleans breast cancer Although it is a cell, it is not found in normal breast cells.

“”cancer When High blood pressure “We share a common risk factor,” said Dr. Wei Yue, a senior researcher and research scientist at the University of Virginia School of Medicine in Charlottesville. Plays a role for many cancer, Including breast cancer.. This hypothesized that GRK4 could be a link. “

Almost half of adults High blood pressure I’m a woman. After age 65, women are more likely to have than men High blood pressure.. pregnancy, contraception With medicine menopause Everything can increase the risk of developing High blood pressure..If left untreated, it can cause the following health problems: Heart disease, stroke When Loss of sight..

In women, breasts cancer Most commonly diagnosed cancer Second major cause with cancer death.

“In previous studies, breast cancer Women with high blood pressure are at increased risk. This study adds to current knowledge by providing the underlying molecular mechanisms of this association, “said Dr. Besna D. Garovich, chair of the Department of Nephrology. High blood pressure A study at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Garovic, who was not involved in new studies, said such studies that identify the molecular mechanisms and signaling pathways that cause disease can provide new insights into treatment options.

Not all breast tumors are the same.This study looked for two specific types of GRK4 breast cancerKnown as Hormone Sensitivity and Triple Negative.

“Our conclusions may not apply to other types breast cancer“Yue said.

Garovich pointed out that genetic variation of GRK4 may not be the same in all racial groups.A study looking for GRK4 in women with breasts cancer According to her, insights into previously reported racial-based differences could be gained across racial and ethnic groups. tumor Type, treatment response and outcome.

GRK4 is one of seven GRK proteins.Other studies are looking for different types of GRK2 and GRK5 cancer, But Yue said their group was the first to look for links between GRK4, High blood pressure And breast cancer. “No one else is working on this,” she said.

Yue said the molecule is unique and a potential target for drug development because it is not normally expressed in breast tissue (that is, it is made into a protein by a gene).

“The drug that targets GRK4 is High blood pressure And breast cancer. “

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Scientists Find a Biological Link Between Hypertension and Breast Cancer

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