Scientists create monkey-human embryos

Human / animal chimeras can also help fill the void in the next early understanding of human development. conceptFara Honey and Greeley said they would improve their research on how viruses, bacteria, drugs and devices work in humans.

“The kind of animal models we currently have is not enough to model most of the diseases that humans are suffering from-especially. Brain disease “Human suffering, but in reality, any illness,” said Fara Honey. “That is, trying drugs and trying to understand how the illness develops and develops.” When do it now. “

For example, why such a human / animal chimera Zika virus According to Fara Honey, it causes birth defects in the children of infected pregnant women.

In 2017, members of the research team reported the incorporation of human cells into early-stage porcine tissue, but the contribution of human cells was fairly low.

So researchers set out to create a chimera for the monkey species macaque, a species that is more closely related to humans.

Six days after 132 monkey embryos were created in the laboratory, 25 human stem cells were injected into each.

After 10 days, 103 chimeric embryos were still developing. Survival soon began to decline, and by day 19 only three chimeras were still alive.

Importantly, the proportion of human cells in the embryo remained high throughout the life of them-that is, human cells were integrated into the host monkey species. ..

“Human cells survived, proliferated, and produced some … cell lines,” said Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte, a senior researcher at the Salk Institute for Biological Sciences in La Jolla, California. Stated.

The creation of such human / monkey chimeras gives us better insight into whether there are evolutionary barriers to chimera production and whether there are means to overcome them. “Izpisua Belmonte said in a news release of the journal.

According to Greeley, “Understanding why human cells are expected to function better in monkey embryos and why they work better in monkey embryos, and using that knowledge to better in porcine embryos. You can make it work. “

Scientists create monkey-human embryos

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