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The first climate change school strike since 2019 was held in the capital this Friday, and organizers continue to protest the government’s inaction on environmental issues.

“This strike is the first strike for so long, and it will be even more important to ensure a sustainable future for young people in Aotearoa,” said Kelly Gunn, School Strike 4 Climate Organizer. I will.

“The cost of climate change omissions is everything. It is important to take steps to ensure that our planet is a livable planet in the future. Currently, the government’s climate change measures are inadequate.”

On January 26, members of the School Strike 4 Climate rallyed parliament and handed over multiple environmental demands to the government for action. According to the organizers, the strike on Friday, April 9, will put pressure on the government to meet the demands.

“We need to see the government speak. SS4C co-sponsor Rhiannon Mackie said:” We are changing for a sustainable future in New Zealand. We are in a unique position not only to wake up, but to set the standard for other countries in the world to follow suit. “

The Friday for Climate has six important requirements that are intended to strike across the country. In Wellington, the main focus is two of those six. The first “investment in just transition” aims to encourage governments to invest in green infrastructure and vehicles. It also aims to ensure that when changes are made, those who previously worked in unsustainable industries will be retrained for more environmentally friendly work. Second, “respecting relations with our Pacific neighbors” means that our Pacific neighbors are more affected by climate change than Aotearoa, and we need to support them in every way we can. Is required by the government.

In Wellington, participants will meet at Civic Square at 11:00 am. The march arrives at Parliament at 12:00 pm.

“There is speech and performance, and the delivery of our demands to the government. This is an intergenerational strike and all students and the general public are welcomed and highly encouraged to participate.”

The organizer asks participants to wear masks.

“Climate change is becoming more and more urgent every day. The longer we wait, the harder the impact of this crisis will be on us. We are at a turning point in history and now is the time to act. It’s time to wake up, “said Izzy Cook, co-sponsor of SS4C Wellington.

School Strike 4 Climate is back! | SchoolNews

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