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A report supporting the move to end streaming in Aotearoa was welcomed by CORE Education.

The release of the Tokonatera Ki Report on the “Popular Practices” of Streaming prompted CORE Education, a social enterprise, with “phrases that encourage the actions that CORE is trying to answer.”

Aotearoa Ending Streaming (2021) Tokonate Raki | According to Maori Futures Collective Report

“We hope that all Langatahi will be inspired by their future, they will thrive in their education, they will be confident in their culture, and they will decide their own path. It’s a barrier to vision and needs to be closed. “

In a media release last week, CORE Education said: “Streaming is deeply embedded in the organizational structure of many elementary and junior high schools in Aotearoa, even in early childhood. Whether the practice is called banding or grouping of abilities, it is a perceived ability and
Manageability.It comes from a deficit perspective, and as the report shows, systematic bias
That is, the members of the “lowest” group, band, or stream are often Maori and Pacific learners. “

CORE’s Tumu Whakarae, Dr Hana O’Regan, said:
Prosper Aotearoa through learning. By realizing this kaupapa, we seek out,
Actively work where learners experience unfair outcomes and treatments,
Opportunities are scarce and resources are limited.We know directly that it can be difficult
Things are different and the learning community needs support for a fresh look
It’s about how you can “destream” so that all learners are most likely to succeed. “

Dr. O’Regan says to deal with unfair practices like streaming
These communities are courageous and willing to change. “But we are ready to pick up
Wello, placed in front of us from Tokona Te Raki, as a tribute to Titi, to do what we can.
Advocate and support fair learning for the organization and everyone. “

School End Streaming Support | SchoolNews

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