Scala 3 moves to candidate stage release

Credit: Kevin (C00)

Scala 3, the next planned object-oriented version, Functional language with JVM and JavaScript runtimeHas moved to the release candidate stage with type parameter enhancements and syntactic improvements.

The· Scala 3 RCIntroduced on February 17th, last-minute polishing and cleanup will take place. The user experience has been improved and the metaprogramming framework has been enhanced. Scala has both JVM and JavaScript runtimes and is arranged to be used to build high performance systems with access to the library ecosystem.

The improvements to Scala 3 RC1 are:

  • Extension type parameters can be combined with the method’s own type parameters.
  • Change to import The syntax is created and the wildcards are imported _ Will be replaced by * And rename operator => Will be replaced by as..
  • The syntax of vararg splces has changed with pattern and function arguments.The new syntax uses a suffix * Instead of : _*, Vararg Similar to how to declare parameters.
  • Since RC 1, Scala no longer generates parent functions for case class companions

Prior to the release candidates, the improvements covered in Scala 3 are:

Scala 3 moves to candidate stage release

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