SBW reveals information on possible “global event” fight against Jake Paul

Sonny Bill Williams says talks have begun over a possible feud with Jake Paul.

Earlier this month, Paul, the former Disney and YouTube star who became a boxer, called Williams as a possible opponent for his next blockbuster fight on a “success list” that included boxing and MMA great Floyd Mayweather Jr. , Oscar de la Hoya, Anderson Silva. and Michael Bisping.

Williams, fresh from his first-round knockout victory over former AFL star Barry Hall in Sydney last month, responded to Paul on Twitter, expressing interest in the fight and claiming to be the one who contributed to the phenomenon. social media his first defeat.

Speaking to Stan Sport in Australia last weekend, Williams revealed that Paul’s management has approached his team for a possible match.

“I can look forward to August, back to the ring,” Williams said.

“Jake Paul, his people got in touch with mine and they talk, so who knows. The main thing is that I’m very excited and very grateful to be back in the ring, to Stan, to boxing.”

Paul (5-0) has become one of the big boxing draws thanks to his huge social media following and promotional skills.

Williams, on the other hand, is making a last-ditch push to boxing and boasts a 9-0 record in the ring.

Before his last fight against Hall, Williams crossed his battlefield in the UK training with Tyson Fury and Joseph Parker.

The former All Black believes he has improved significantly and Paul underestimates his ability in the ring.

“If he decided to take this fight, he would have underestimated me a lot by watching old shots, old fights,” Williams told the Sydney Morning Herald. “I feel I have improved ten times in the last six months, so it is the confidence I have in my abilities.”

“It would probably be a race for the fishing kilos, I would probably have to lose less than 100 kilos. I know he sits at about 95-96 pounds, so that could work.

“He is a strong athlete and I am exactly the same, except for a bigger version, a taller version, a version with longer ends. I’m just as good at my feet, if not better than him.

“So I think he will play, I could fight him in many ways. At the same time, there are many other options out there for us, we just decipher what is best for us.”

Jake Paul wearing a “make boxing great again” hat during a boxing press conference in February. Photo / Getty

In addition to Paul, Williams has also been linked with a possible fight against former NRL star Paul Galen (12-1-1), another former league player who found success in the ring.

However, Williams believes that a fight against Paul would be even more lucrative and would capture a global audience.

“It would be huge because all of Australia would start, it has all the American crowd, all the UK crowd would be willing to take action. It would be a global event,” Williams said.

“I understand where the game is at the moment, it is also the entertainment factor. It’s not so much nowadays how well the guy can fight, but how many want to see.

“The beauty of this fight, if it’s going to happen, is that I respect the way Jake Paul has done things in the boxing ring. He has put his head down and his ass up, he has worked hard.

“You can see the improvements he has made over the last three years, I really rate his boxing skills and his ability in the ring. It would be a great fight if it happened, but at the same time I have a lot of options there as well.

SBW reveals information on possible “global event” fight against Jake Paul

Source link SBW reveals information on possible “global event” fight against Jake Paul

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