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Sailing: Ireland is all but America’s Cup races amid rising political pressure

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As the day of the decision approaches, Ireland’s hope of hosting the next America’s Cup is largely overlooked.

The location of the 37th edition of the Cup will be announced on Friday, and Spain, Ireland and Saudi Arabia are all understood to be potential venues.

However, the Irish government told organizers that it could take another six months to evaluate support for the bid, ending its ambition to host the 2024 event.

“This is a significant investment and we are looking for more time to make sure we can overcome it,” said Irish Sports Minister Catherine Martin. Irish independent.. “I think further evaluation is needed.”

“For example, proper governance and time for evaluation are essential to ensure compliance with public spending legislation. We need to consider to make sure it is worth doing. “

It will come later Irish Times Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney reported facing “increasing resistance in the coalition government.”

“There is also uncertainty about the potential benefits from major state investments in elite events when many other sports remain underfunded,” he said.

“To demand hundreds of millions of investments, you need to quantify it. In such a bid, you need to make sure that the ducks are lined up and worth the money.”

Team New Zealand after winning the America's Cup in Auckland.Photo / Photoport
Team New Zealand after winning the America’s Cup in Auckland.Photo / Photoport

It leaves a decision between Spain and Saudi Arabia, and Oakland has a faint hope as private funding is sought.

Spain’s bids are funded by the government and are supported by the Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, and the central government. Although no single city is named, Barcelona seems to have clear potential.

On the other hand, there are still no signs that Saudi Arabia is spending a lot of cash to secure the event.

There are also other issues that can cloud their bids. The Jeddah wind is less than ideal, and human rights and political considerations can affect challengers from the United States and even from the United Kingdom.

Sailing: Ireland is all but America’s Cup races amid rising political pressure

SourceSailing: Ireland is all but America’s Cup races amid rising political pressure

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