SAIC’s chic urban exploration machine

A compact, bike-like racer with a radical MG badge offers the Chinese conglomerate’s vision of a small drive ideal for big cities.

R RYZR (above) and MG Maze are the urban driving concepts announced today.


MG’s parent company, SAIC Motor, has announced a future two-seater mobility concept from its UK design base. Both are intended for use in cities, one with a British-born mark badge.

Created to celebrate SAIC Design Operations’ 3rd birthday, MG Maze is a sports-themed closed-in compact built around the tagline “go out and play” with mobility and mobility. We incorporate the theme of the game into “always defined fun and pioneering spirit.” MG is firmly in the 21st century. “

On the other hand, the more radical R RYZR has been proposed as a fusion of automobiles and motorcycles.

Developed for SAIC’s “R” brand dedicated to electric vehicles, the latter is presented as “the ultimate symbiosis of humans and machines: the car you actually wear,” with a jacket and a vehicle that works together to start it. I have. key.

“At MAZE, we wanted to build and follow from MG’s fan base to see what the future holds for the automotive community,” said Karl Gotham, Advanced Design Director.

“The transition to digital is unstoppable, so I wanted to connect this digital domain to the physical domain and create a concept that would give real pleasure to driving.

“This concept is a reaction to our lives in recent months, with restrictions and restrictions on our ability to move around and interact.


“Exploring the idea of’mobile games’, using MAZE as a platform for people to go out and rediscover the environment in new and appropriate ways, opened up new experiences in the city. “

He says the game aspect of the car reflects the desire to discover and achieve new achievements through a point-based reward system.

“Our car helps users rediscover their city and world by looking for exciting digital street art that interacts with structures, buildings and landmarks.

The exterior features a transparent shell that emulates a high-end gaming PC with exposed components. Its exterior is fluid and dynamic, exposing aspects of the chassis and interior design that would otherwise be hidden from view.

Inside, floating seats and UX / UI technology have been developed, and the steering is controlled by the driver’s smartphone rather than the steering wheel, enhancing aspects of the game by providing a fun and enjoyable driving experience.

R RYZR has a similar desire, but adds the concept of wearable technology.

Designed to recognize the need for a transition from crowded public transport and a more intuitive experience, it combines state-of-the-art technical apparel with augmented reality to provide an escape from crowded spaces. Says Gossam.


“RRYZR is an exciting and built-in vision for the future of urban travel,” Gotham suggests.

“By exploring the unconventional, we unleash new means of transportation, new experiences, and new emotions for the future.”

While this concept is designed for ultimate ease of use, the agility of a motorcycle with car-like stability, the RYZR garment concept requires no apps or keys. Means. The vehicle only recognizes the owner’s jacket instead.

“RRYZR is a convenient, agile, practical, and exciting form of urban transportation,” says Gotham.

“Combining cutting-edge technical apparel aesthetics and augmented reality with Futurism. This is an unconventional quest for future transportation, including new architecture, new experiences, and new emotions.”

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SAIC’s chic urban exploration machine

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