Rugby boss to leave ‘dream job’ to start a family in Australia

Chiefs CEO Michael Collins made the difficult decision to leave his dream job at the end of August to move to join his family in Australia.

The new Collins who grew up in Plymouth, the former Waikato and Chiefs supporter, took over as Chiefs in 2017. This five-year period included leading the franchise in the recent turmoil as Super Rugby navigated the disruption caused by the global pandemic.

During the Collins at the helm, the Chiefs appeared in the Super Rugby quarterfinals in 2018 and 2019. They played in last year’s Aotearoa final against the Crusaders and finished third this season.

Chiefs Manawa also claimed the inaugural Super Rugby Aupiki title earlier this year.

“Rugby played a huge role in my life and it was a difficult decision to leave this role, which was really a dream job for me,” said Collins, Taranaki’s former CEO. “It was a privilege and a top career to work for both the Chiefs and the Taranaki Rugby Football Union, both of which are close to my heart.”

It’s time, however, for Collins to put the family first and move on to join his family – wife Sarah and their children Abby and Joe, the 18-year-old competing in the Nutri-Grain Ironman series – at Gold Coast .

“I am really happy with my contribution and I feel that now is the best time to step away from rugby and look for new challenges.”

Chiefs president Simon Graafhuis says the club is sad to have lost someone with Collins’s experience and mother, but fully supports his decision.

“On behalf of the board, I would like to thank Mike for his significant contribution and the way he has done this,” Graafhuis said. “He will leave a huge hole in the organization – his passion for the club and the game is evident in what he does. It has deep relationships with players, coaches, management, the board, business partners and the community and brings an inclusive approach to making people and teams feel welcome in our environment.

“Mike is leaving the organization in a much better position than when he arrived five years ago. The club was commercially successful during Mike’s term, which includes a period that was extremely difficult during Covid when we hosted matches He has brought skills to the organization that will set the Leaders for the future, including the development of unique IPs that he will offer for years to come, and he has brought in key talents such as a coaching staff and a roster that should produce a special result. for the club in the coming years.

The club has a deep connection with Tikanga Māori and all the cultures of the members of the organization and we often use the proverb about the Waikato River of “He Piko, He Taniwha” which is printed on the collar of the Chiefs playing the jersey. It refers to the fact that Waikato has many turns (He Piko) and at each turn a Leader (He Taniwha). Mike is a true leader and Leader. He goes with our blessing, always remaining part of Chiefs whanau.

“We will start a recruitment process in the coming weeks to find a new CEO to lead the club forward, but for now, we just want to acknowledge all of Mike’s efforts and say thank you.”

For his part, Collins expressed gratitude for all the support he received during his time with the Leaders.

“I want to recognize all the board members, staff and players I have had the pleasure of working with, as well as the wider family and community of Leaders. I feel humbled to be part of a professional sports club with such a strong connection to the Tikanga Maori and their community. “

Collins, who recently celebrated with his teammates the 30th anniversary of New Plymouth Boys’ High School’s first XV victory at the Formal School World Championships, also paid tribute to Taranaki’s roots.

“It was a great moment and a privilege to work for my homeland, Taranaki. I am extremely fortunate to have been guided, guided and challenged by some exceptional people associated with the Taranaki Rugby Football Association.

“I would also like to thank New Zealand Rugby for the many opportunities they have given me to develop and develop my rugby management skills.”

Collins says he is very grateful to his family for all their support and to his parents, Kevin and Margaret, for their encouragement over the years.

Collins will remain with the Chiefs until the end of August and will then take on a new non-rugby role based at Gold Coast.

Rugby boss to leave ‘dream job’ to start a family in Australia

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