Roman Kemp reveals that Justin Bieber is the biggest canner of music and together elaborate on their wild nights

As the face of Capital FM, I’m a celebrity finalist, the son of two pop stars, and Roman Kemp met many celebrity canners.

DJs and Terry hosts have access to some of the biggest parties in town and a phone book full of A-list buddies. But he admits today that he can’t compete when it comes to hitting it hard.


Fellow Justin Bieber and Ronan KempCredit: Capital radio

Speaking as a weird guest editor, Rome, 28 years oldSays no one gets close to friends Justin Bieber — Even though his father Martin Kemp and his godfather George Michael are one of the most notorious party boys in pop.

Recalling the night out with the beaver, Roman said: He has now grown into a very different young man. He is more serious and focused.

“But around his purpose album (2015) when he was in London, I had never seen anything like that in my life — and I thought I saw a lot It lasted for 3 weeks every night.

“He came to the show and we chatted. I was one of the young DJs interviewed by that day, so I said,’Do you have dinner?’ Or something.

DJ Roman takes over a strange column


DJ Roman takes over a strange column

“I asked if I should have a drink, and he was like,” Yes, this party will be held later. ” So I gave him my number, he sent me a text message to go for dinner, and it just continued. I think I was 24 years old. He was just 21 years old and I remember standing on the couch in the night club and looking up. All the girls in the room were trying to get my eyes to say, “Come to this table.” It’s another world.

“We went to dinner and then left him and didn’t demand the bill. He was like,” Oh, they classify it. ” At another level, it’s incredible. “

Roman adds: “I’ve seen the scandal he caused, he was a young man and I was there for him. He was a nice guy, writing great music and it was a lot of fun. ..

“The closest I have right now is Lewis Capaldi. I get a drunk FaceTime call at least once a week around 4am.

Roman details his wild night with the beaver


Roman details his wild night with the beaverCredit: Def Jam

“But he’s a very nice person. He has the same thing that Ed (Sheeran) has. He doesn’t let it change him.

“But the secret of my” night owl “is the nearby” old man “pub. In London, I, Niall Horan, and Lewis live next to each other.

“Sometimes we’re all in a small pub where we all go. I think some of the people nearby have to listen to my show and become big fans of Lewis and Neil.

“But we love it. It’s a comfortable place for us. I’m all looking for a nice restaurant. .. But I really only go to find a footballer!”

Lewis Capaldi is the closest to the party animals that the Romans now have


Lewis Capaldi is the closest to the party animals that the Romans now haveCredit: Getty

He adds: They protect me very well.

“My best friend Matt had me on his phone as the” Roman Kemp Z “on the Z list. He changes the letters up and down depending on how my career is progressing. After I became a celebrity, I arrived at J — but when I did a TV show called Bromas, he demoted me.

“I live my life as much as I can, but I feel like a professional soccer player and do night clubs basically on my annual birthday.

“I actually try not to drink this week, but my parents are the same. My dad is basically Teetotalism and my mother is the same.

“I’ve heard from an old man a story that is better than any story I can give him.

“The special memories of people like my parents and George aren’t wild parties. It’s a quiet time in front of the TV at home.”

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Best Celebrity and Worst Celebrity

NICEST GUY – Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington is a legend


Denzel Washington is a legendCredit: AFP

“He likes everything, he’s laughing, he’s out to get a drink for everyone else in the studio. Then someone said I made his impression. He said. I recreated the Training Day scene and played another character. He’s a legend. “

Worst Diva – Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence got her safety to take me out of the room


Jennifer Lawrence got her safety to take me out of the roomCredits: Getty Images-Getty

“She got her safety to take me out of the room. I had a junket and we came up with the idea that I would be a big fan. I had her in my chest I put in a transfer tattoo on her face, she timed it, and the mood changed. I hated it every minute. Her guards took me away on the way. “

GRUMPIEST CELEB – Christoph Waltz

Christoph Waltz ridiculed me through the interview


Christoph Waltz ridiculed me through the interviewCredits: Getty-Contributors

“This was very annoying. I was excited to interview him. I asked a really basic question, and he said,” I think you should have asked me. I’m going to ask, and I’ll be interviewing from here. ” I had to sit there for five minutes while he asked his question and mocked me. “

Most Impressive Star-Ed Sheeran

There's nothing wrong with Ed Sheeran


There’s nothing wrong with Ed SheeranCredit: PA

“The most impressive celebrity is arguably Ed. Given the incredible scale of his success, I’ve never met someone so grounded. Ed really you just The person who can go to the pub and chill, everything is evil. Nothing bad is found. “

Martin & Romance Show

ROMAN and his dad Martin returned to ITV on Saturday and Saturday at 8:30 am. This is Martin & Roman’s new Weekend Best series, which gets even better after appearing together in the Celebrity Gogglebox.

He believes this experience has helped his father get out of his shell after years of playing with other people on the screen, especially Steve Owen of EastEnders.

Roman said: “He’s really free because he can relax himself.”

Like Jesse on a big problem

Rome’s intense mental health documentary came two years later Jesy Nelson I created Odd One Out.

Jesse, posing for an Instagram snap on Thursday, won the National Television Award for a BBC movie that revealed the pain of an online troll while in Little Mix.

Jesy Nelson won the NTA in her movie Odd One Out


Jesy Nelson won the NTA in her movie Odd One OutCredit: Instagram

And after Roman opens up about living with depression in our silent emergency, I’m sure he will receive similar praise.

In the aftermath of the documentary, Roman said: I did Jonathan Ross the other day, and I’m really glad that Jimmy Carr said, “There was a part that helped me.”

“I recognize that I am responsible for mental health.”

After Ed Sheeran was asked for tattooed foot skin, the Romans rebelled in horror. He made it clear: “This person offered to email £ 20,000 for skin grafts to remove the tattoos.”

Heart lomin

ROMAN has been single since January 2020, after the schedule split from his last girlfriend for three years that pulled them apart.

He signed up for the celebrity dating app Raya, but hasn’t found a “one” yet.

Imagine a Roman dating profile


Imagine a Roman dating profile

After a year away from the market, he wants to find someone similar to him.

So I mocked up Roman’s Tinder profile on the right.

The Romans said his radio role came to the fore during the blockade. He added: “During the pandemic, the radio became very important. Many people sit there alone and want the atmosphere of the pub. We’re trying to bring it in.”

Catch him and his companions Siân Welby and Sonny Jay at a capital breakfast from 6am to 10am on weekdays.

ROMAN kindly agreed to guest-edit today’s column, but it could have been very different.

After I gag about him and approve the product, he first contacted me on an unexpected phone call and said he would be the face of dog food if his agent called it.

He naturally called me for it, but it was too good to criticize me properly and he suggested drinking beer instead.

So, as an apology, I gave him the opportunity to support whatever he likes here.

No #ad disclaimer is required, but here he chooses some of his favorites.

chocolate: Cadbury dairy milk. I know it’s boring, but you can’t beat it.

fast food: Nando’s, and it’s not a plug. I really mean that.

Potato chips: Walkers Salt and Vinegar

Football club: Arsenal

brand: Adidas.I’ve always been an athletic man

Spandau or Duran Duran? Spandau! Honestly!


  1. Montero (call by your name) – Lil Nas X
  2. Peach-Justin Bieber feat.Daniel Caesar & Jiveon
  3. Rapster-Polo G
  4. Bed-Joel Corry, Ray, David Guetta
  5. Wellerman-Nathan Evans feat. 220 Kid & Villented
  6. Friday – Riton & Nightcrawlers feat.Mufasa & Hypeman
  7. Business-Tiesto
  8. Little Bit of Love-Tom Grennan
  9. Titanium-Dave
  10. Kiss Me More-Doja Cat feat. Sza

Lil Nas X told Roman that he would like to include Rihanna and Bad Bunny in his No. 1 remix. Regarding the capital breakfast, Roman said:


  1. Fearless (Taylor’s version) – Taylor Swift
  2. Justice – Justin Bieber
  3. Future Nostalgia – Dua Lipa
  4. Position-Ariana Grande
  5. Fine Line-Harry Styles
  6. Highlights-Weekend
  7. 50 years won’t stop – Fleetwood Mac
  8. Wild West-Central Sea
  9. Greatest Hits-Queen
  10. Aim for the Moon Aiming for the Stars – Pop Smoke

Justin Bieber’s album “Justice” has left the top spot for another week after a re-recorded version of Taylor Swift’s groundbreaking album “Fearless” hit the charts. Originally ranked 5th in 2009.

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Roman Kemp reveals that Justin Bieber is the biggest canner of music and together elaborate on their wild nights

Source link Roman Kemp reveals that Justin Bieber is the biggest canner of music and together elaborate on their wild nights

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