Role of Allianz Partners Headseal Chairman

Efma, a global non-profit organization, has introduced a new chairman who is well known in the insurance industry.

Jean-Marc Paihol (pictured), Head of Global Strategic Partnerships and Director of Allianz Partners, has a career at major insurance companies and banks. To do this, he began his career at Bank Populaire, spent 15 years before moving to Group La Poste, where he played various roles in the Allianz Group for the last 10 years.

“I am looking forward to starting my term as chairman of Efma,” Paihol said. “With 120 financial group members in 133 countries, this organization is ideally located at the heart of innovation, customers and financial services. Efma is a tremendous challenge facing the financial industry in the near future. Can and should play a major role in supporting and facilitating this major change. “

According to Efma, it is Paihol’s background that gives them confidence in his ability to understand the key trends that shape financial services. That’s why he was chosen to replace Hollande Piazza, who has contributed to nonprofits for the past three years.

“2020 was a very devastating year for everyone,” said John Berry, CEO of Efma. “Efma’s role will continue to support its members thanks to extensive insights, knowledge sharing, and best practices from other like-minded financial players facing similar challenges around the world. Probably, Jean-Marc’s appointment is in perfect agreement with these objectives. His experience and vision will help Efma evolve and remain a valuable resource for all players in the industry. “

Role of Allianz Partners Headseal Chairman

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