Robbie Williams fans were tired of shooting him with his wife removing earwax

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Robbie Williams Fans are completely disgusted after his wife Ayda Field removes huge earwax from his ears and shoots him.

The 47-year-old singer is currently on vacation in Saint-Tropez with Aida and her four children, eight teddies, six Charlie, two Coco and one Bo.

Unfortunately, however, Robbie was forced to go to the doctor after complaining of ear pain, so their escape was not a simple voyage.

As a result, his ears had to be injected so that the doctor could get rid of the huge earwax that was stuck inside.

His wife, Aida, 42, revealed the situation by filming the entire trial for Instagram followers and uploaded a disastrous snapshot of the aftermath to her story.

Aida, who first posted a photo of the lobby shortly after the process began, wrote:

She then shared an image of his earwax and added:

Aida photographed her husband’s lobby with earwax removed from his ears (Photo: Instagram).
She even shared a disastrous aftermath (Photo: Instagram)

In the video, Aida says: “Well, you had a lot of wax, what the heck is there?”

Then you can see the lobby sitting while the doctor inserts a syringe into his right ear and pushes out the obstruction.

Aida then took a closer look at the large amount of earwax in her husband’s ears, and the doctor flushed it into a surgical bowl.

Lobby winked during the procedure (Photo: Instagram)

Aida captioned the post:’@ robbiewilliams said his ears were hurting him and it was blocked … this was found by the doctor. Warning: Super gloss footage.

She jokingly added:

And fans seemed less than happy with the fact that Aida chose to shoot this video and upload it worldwide, especially given its highly graphic content.

A huge earwax stuck in his right ear (Photo: Instagram)

“Why do you shoot it?” The person asked.

Another was worried about the privacy of the lobby when they joked.

Another commenter agreed when they chimed: “But you don’t have to show everything in your life.”

The fan was not a fan of the footage that Aida shared with her husband (Photo: ITV / Rex)

“This is really too much,” another fan wrote. “Stop this … I’m sorry, but I have to say.”

Well, I’m sure Robbie didn’t really care that he was filmed.

And as Aida shared a snap of her beauty with her to freeze in the pool, Robbie seems to have recovered more or less from earwax removal.

“You are blocking my sun :),” she wrote cheeky.

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Robbie Williams fans were tired of shooting him with his wife removing earwax

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