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Road’s comeback single is a lesson for pop stars to take the time.Road

Lorde She said she was “waiting for the right moment” to release the comeback single Solar Power, on June 11th. The only solar eclipse of the year (Although the leak may have forced her hand). The date she chooses resonates beyond the obvious subject matter of her vague, sun-worshiping comeback single and its cheeky cover art.

Pop stars, especially young women, are expected to be always on, relevant and available. Lord countered this with old-fashioned release rates (only three albums in nine years) and a modest public presence that recent updates to her Instagram account reviewing onion rings generate headlines. (She also benefits from New Zealand’s minimal paparazzi culture.) The unusual arrival of the last 24-year-old new music I heard in 2017 has come to feel like an astronomical phenomenon of its own.

With solar power, Lord welcomes you into her world and enjoys the distance.Production – as in 2017 Melodrama – According to Jack Antonoff, it may be her most universal song, a world of hippies in sound and spirit, away from her nocturnal predecessor. Its loose percussive walk and acoustic simplicity evoke George Michael (both faith and Freedom 90), Screamadelica-era Primal Scream and Stones (a song of mercy on the devil), and properly cult intimacy. It stirs up the mood of summer love filled with screams (“I” m is more like a more beautiful Jesus, “she sings, knowing stupidity.

She put only those who dislike heat in a pinch, and at the time felt luxurious on the beach. In the middle space and the corresponding state of mind, the body softens and time turns into syrup. (English is not comparable to the French word for sun tanning, lézarder – Like a lizard. ) Friendly and charming, this dippy party is an invitation to the world’s least upscale party. It’s the joy of feeling the sun on your face and the melting of your defenses (a particularly powerful joy this year). Still, it was sung in the most intriguing voice of pop – its sweet, hazy whisper – Road It reminds me of the magic of that transformation.

Road: Solar Power – Video

It is obsessed with evolving her sensibility as a songwriter and exploring the power of change that accompanies each new stage of life: her debut imagination, 2013. Pure heroineFrees a bored teenager from her suburban Southern Hemisphere presence. Melodrama drugs and recklessness to get rid of broken hearts and find revelations at high prices. Here, it gets easier with age, simply by stumbling upon a naturally magnified view. (Each album era traveled from the suburbs to the city and then to the coast in parallel.) Her affinity for giving color identity to each album era is also “acid green, aquamarine.” And “high-colored cheeks, overripe” will make a leap. peach”.

These are the apparently satisfying peculiarities of Lord’s songwriting, which most of her imitators could not duplicate. From Royals’ skeletal and percussive productions to Olivia Rodrigo’s most prominent crushing vocal harmony on her recent debut album, it’s hard to miss how much 2021 pop sounds like her previous work. you can not. Solar power has a few of the latter, but otherwise it’s a clear reinvention, and willing to be the one who’s crazy about her creativity between Lord and everyone else. Place a gap. / Can you contact me? No, I can’t, “she laughs and sings (reminiscent of the delicious aides on the soap opera track). Louvre Museum).

A newsletter sent to fans announcing the release of Solar Power revealed the knowledge that most of her fans would hear it as they headed for the summer while winter was approaching at their home in New Zealand. ..The video is Who is who in the Ponson Bee scene – Imagine Bad Blood with a terrifyingly cool Auckland influencer. The lyrics about taking the kids to the beach to hear her secrets, photographed by her boyfriend, confirm Road’s respectable belief in her own magnetic force. (See 2017 interview: “I want to be Leonard Cohen. I want to be Joni. Shit. Mitchell.”) She draws a clear line in the sand around her territory and could be a true source of renewable energy. Highest freedom, privacy and time protection.

Road’s comeback single is a lesson for pop stars to take the time.Road

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