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Road releases new single solar power to coincide with the eclipse | Road

Lord released his new single, Solar Power, just days after announcing the release of the long-awaited new album of the same name.

This song is a surprise launch from a New Zealander Solar eclipse In the Northern Hemisphere on Thursday.

The sunny 3 minutes 12 seconds pop song was co-created and co-produced with Jack Antonoff. Simple and energetic acoustic guitar and percussion sound very different from Road’s previous work.

The single comes after the cover art for the next album was released earlier this week, with a 24-year-old singer bouncing over a camera on the ground without underwear.

The photo was a hot topic on social media on Tuesday. Some fans share artwork and memes on Twitter report Their post was deleted due to copyright infringement.

Solar Power will be the third Grammy-winning album, following the 2017 soap opera and the 2013 Pure Heroine.

Road has postponed the release of solar power, originally scheduled for June 2020. Sudden death of her pet dog Pearl, November 2019.

It was “indescribably painful,” she said at the time. “The lights that were on for me have gone out. The bright energy I was trying to convey to you is gone for now.”

Lord told Australian youth radio station Triple J Friday morning that his next album would be “light, playful and fun.”

In an email to fans in time for the song’s release, she described the characters on the album from the perspective of a girl going to the beach. Her legs are always naked. She is sexy, playful, savage and free. She is a modern girl in a headstock bikini, touching the past and future and vibrating at the highest levels when summer comes. Her skin is shiny and she has a lot of lovers.

“This album celebrates the natural world and is an attempt to immortalize the deep, transcendental emotions of being outdoors.”

Unconfirmed information On Friday, after fans reported that the single appeared on some streaming platforms and then disappeared, information spread that it could have been accidentally released in some regions.

The release date of the new album has not been confirmed, but the singer hints that fans can “look at the natural calendar for clues” for more details.

Road releases new single solar power to coincide with the eclipse | Road

Source link Road releases new single solar power to coincide with the eclipse | Road

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