Redstor Partners with Libraesva-Tech Round

Redstor, a leading cloud data management provider and specialist in automated cloud backup and archiving, has announced a partnership with Libraesva., Europe’s most innovative email security vendor.Partnership with Redstor Libraesva We work together to provide security for the entire portfolio of Microsoft 365 solutions.

Libraesva’s product set offers a complete suite of products and services for email, including security, business continuity and compliance solutions. This suite provides robust and flexible protection against all threats and attacks. Block malware, Ransomware, malicious URLs and attachments, phishing, business email breaches (BEC).

This agreement represents a great opportunity for Redstor partners as Libraesva’s email security expertise provides a strong and flexible product portfolio that has already established an impressive reputation across the horizontal and vertical sectors. ..

International Sales Directors of Stephen Reynolds and Libraesva in the United Kingdom said: .. Our company shares many similarities and core values. This is very important to us and we feel that it is one of the reasons why the partnership is so successful. Due to the simple nature of our technology and the reduction in total cost of ownership we offer, our customers can do more at less cost and enjoy peace of mind while at the same time being the best possible security or privacy. You can comply with the standards. “

“This partnership with Redstor brings a powerful and truly integrated product set from all one respected and genuine source to our market for excellence and cost-effectiveness. It shows a lot of work, “Reynolds concludes.

Ed Renwick, RedStor’s new partner acquisition leader, said: From co-messaging to licensing simplification, tech support, and critical cultural levels, this partnership feels right. Our combined strength allows us to confidently address the competitive email security situation and give our partners attractive alternatives to the UK’s tired and inflexible single email security vendor approach. I can. “

“The Redstor solution is suitable for all sectors that need to protect email data. It is a vertical market with a particular focus on data compliance and the need for our services by complying with industry regulations. It turns out that I can understand sex instantly. “Lenwick concludes.

Following the announcement of the partnership, Redstor will drive integrated solutions through co-sales and marketing initiatives to their respective partner bases. The two security providers already have some common partners and plan to evangelize them to show the benefits of tuning the solution.

Redstor Partners with Libraesva-Tech Round

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