Re-boxing: Helping fight technical waste by re-boxing used technology

Launched in South London in September 2021, reboxed is a sustainable technology startup whose mission is to solve the e-waste crisis by rehoming 100 million devices by 2030. .. reboxed provides consumers with a one-stop solution for trade-in and new phone purchases – not only is reboxed much more sustainable than the average trade-in, but the United Nations is one of the world’s biggest environmental problems. We are working on what we describe as electronic waste.

According to the United Nations, technological waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world. In 2019, a huge amount of 53.6Mt of e-waste or e-waste was generated in the world. The level of dangerous e-waste is expected to double to 74 million metric tons in the 16 years to 2030.

reboxed provides a smart and sustainable solution for buying new technologies that are great not only for the planet, but also for your wallet. To stay true to their mission, reboxed offers a 12-month warranty and a 30-day trial period for each item sold, giving you the hassle of buying refurbished products and your favorite technology. Remove uncertainty. Almost new technology at a small cost.

All reboxed mobile phones prevent one device from being landfilled. If the cell phone is not enough to rehome, the reboxed cell phone can be responsibly recycled or refurbished to get a new life. The London-based company recently partnered with nonprofit Material Focus to abandon 4.2 million appliances and buy 5 million new smartphones during the festival in the UK alone. We helped promote the “January Giveback” campaign that was revealed.

In addition to this, reboxed gives consumers the option to trade in or donate unwanted technology in exchange for cash, trees, or donations. Helps further reduce the impact of technical waste on the environment.

Phil Kemish, Reboxed Co-Founderr states: “Extending the life cycle of a device is central to all we do, so we can return £ 136 million in value by having more people replace unwanted electrical equipment. Because many of us are affected by financial difficulties, choosing reboxing means that we can save money and the planet while providing value, quality and convenience. “

Consumers in 2022 are more aware than ever, but there is still work to be done to educate consumers about the impact of technology on earth and the benefits of regenerated technology. Consumers are already familiar with fashion rentals and toy subscription services, so changing habits and reboxing is only a matter of time, and is actually pioneering this change in consumer behavior.

Matt Thorne, co-founder of reboxed “People have a growing need for quality technology without the long contracts and costs associated with buying new ones. This is regenerated, coupled with the need to make wise choices for the planet. It means that used technology is a smart solution, but existing buying and selling methods have made it seem like a lot of hassle and risk. “

Re-boxing: Helping fight technical waste by re-boxing used technology

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