RBNZ to press with DTI

The Reserve Bank plans to move forward and introduce one of two controls on how to get money on home loan.

Wednesday, April 27th 2022, 12:53 PM

and Eric Frykberg

it works on the debt -to -income ratio (DTI) which restricts the amount of debt.

All loans must be measured against the borrower’s income, and no amount of credit is allowed to exceed a set amount.

This is one of two proposed measures called Debt Serviceability Restrictions (DSRs). It will work on the integration of credit management practices such as Loan to Value (LVR) limits.

The RBNZ announced last year that it was discussing DSRs and received submissions from all agencies.

The bank evaluated those assumptions.

“After considering the submissions, we intend to continue to develop a plan to implement the DTI limits,” said the vice governor and chief financial officer, saying and Christian Hawkesby.

“Our analysis shows that first -time home buyers are less likely to meet the DTI threshold, with more lenders as a result of their willingness to borrow higher DTIs than other companies. on average. “

Hawkesby said this was in line with a Memorandum of Understanding with the Minister of Finance, which sought to avoid adverse effects on first -time home buyers.

Discuss further but the process is expected to be completed by the end of this year and completed by mid -2023 if necessary.

But the RBNZ has said it will not go ahead now with a second measure to put a ‘class’ below strict testing standards, or service standards, for bank loans.

This has prevented the critical test level from lowering in cases where banks thought they could repay the loan based on other hedge funds such as high level of personal care.

However, this is not necessary.

“Banks’ test costs have started to rise as well as market prices, and we expect to see a decline in high DTI debt in the coming months, ”the RBNZ said. .

“New CCCFA reforms, changes to the tax administration of assets, and more stable LVR limits for tenants will also have an impact on the availability of mortgage credit.

“So we don’t see an urgent need to put in place an interim pilot program right now.

“But we are closely monitoring the situation and will not rule out this option if there is a new wave of troubled credit in the housing market.”

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RBNZ to press with DTI

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