‘Rapper Rolls’ lands in NZ

It’s the Ghost designed to appeal to a younger, bolder audience.

REGARDLESS of what the name suggests, the Rolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost is available in every color you can imagine.

The brand offers 44,000 options in that regard.

A favorite is the unique Black Diamond finish; a new shade that requires five coats and adds 45kg to the curb weight.

But hey, it’s already a hefty car, deporting a Land Cruiser-esque 2,490 kg. One with hefty performance and, ahem, a hefty price tag: $763,000 is the entry fee for this bad boy.

And that’s an apt description, btw. The Black Badge is the rebel of the family; it’s your darker, sportier model.

Black Badge adjustments are intended to bring out a darker, sharper side of the Rolls-Royce product. The treatment has been available since 2016 and has already been applied to the Wraith, Dawn, Cullinan and the previous generation of the Ghost. It has now arrived at the last ‘G’.

Here in NZ? Well, in this demonstration example. Orders are now being placed, the price depends on how extravagant they are. As usual, that means a lot of things.

The development is how this famous brand plays into the fact that it has a mixed clientele today: rappers, tech billionaires, real estate tycoons and maybe even top rated talkback radio hosts. Besides, Rolls-Royce prefers not to call its customers customers. They are ‘protectors’.

Designer Henry Cloke says it’s a Ghost with “a more urban, more streetwise feel.”

This is reflected in the dark chrome of the famous Spirit of Ecstasy, the more sinister pantheon grille and the impressive wheels with 22 layers of carbon fiber. It also takes four people, five hours, to polish the exterior paint by hand.

The Black Badge decal, a horizontal ‘Lemniscate’ motif, appears throughout the interior. A mathematical symbol for potential infinity, it was applied to Malcolm Campbell’s record-breaking Rolls-Royce-powered Blue Bird seaplane and apparently sums up the brand’s “incessant pursuit of power.”

The passenger-side dashboard lights up to reveal 850 stars in a constellation, marked by 90,000 laser-etched dots across the surface of the veneer. You can also have stars in the headliner. The touchscreen technology comes courtesy of parent group BMW.

Rolls is going the electric route, but this model still flies the flag for the 6.75-litre twin-turbocharged V12, which is pumped up to 441 kW and 900 Nm – so that’s 21 kW and 50 Nm more than standard.

It runs through an eight-speed automatic transmission. Stub? Just a little. The “Low” mode speeds up shifting by 50 percent, changes the exhaust mode, and essentially allows this very heavy, very large car to blast off in a straight line on launch mode. Zero to 100 km/h and then in 4.7 seconds. Top speed is 250 km/h.

Fuel consumption would average 14.8 liters per 100 km. But even with gasoline over $3 a liter, that’s barely getting in, right?




‘Rapper Rolls’ lands in NZ

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