Rapper Bugzy Malone was acquitted after breaking the jaws of two men

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Buggie Malone has been cleared Illegal hitting two men..

Shortly after his girlfriend said three men were invading their home, the rapper broke their jaw with a single blow.

At the age of 30, he drove to his former home in Ramsbottom near Berry to prepare for an “unstable situation” for fear of the safety of his then partner Miami Mackenzie and his mother Mavis. He said he was. The house at that time.

Manchester The Criminal Court heard that a friend also warned him that his property had been “redoed.”

As he approached his home, Grime Star (real name Aaron Davis) said he saw two men and his friends in a “clear conflict.”

He ran up and claimed to have hit one of the men with a “reflex” punch and rushed towards him, and then said he had hit another with a fist that made a “sharp move” in his direction. ..

Baggie Malone was acquitted (Photo: Getty)

The crown claimed that the musicians did not act in self-defense, and instead angry and beaten in the sense of legitimate revenge after falsely believing they were intruders.

The jury has admitted that Malone has not committed two crimes that have caused serious physical harm illegally and maliciously.

Reading an out-of-court statement, his lawyer, Lachlan Nisbet, said:

“From a difficult beginning, Baggie has worked hard to achieve his own success. Like anyone else, if a stranger breaks into his property, he himself, his home. , And has the right to protect his family.

Baggie’s lawyer said he would return to the tour (Photo: Getty)

“In this case, in the face of a distraught family, Baggie did only the bare minimum necessary to protect himself and secure his family’s home.

“Baggie is grateful to the judges and all the juries for taking the time to properly consider all the facts and reach the verdict considered from the evidence.

“Baggie has worked hard to keep these accusations from diverting him from his work and career. Now that the trial is over, Baggie has made his UK tour a central focus for him. I am looking forward to becoming.

Courts have previously heard that a “fearful” teenage girl who could not be identified for legal reasons called her parents at the town’s annual black pudding festival.

They said she and her friends asked them to pick her up from nearby Natre Park after saying that Malone drove his car in an “intimidating way” followed. I was told.

She said a young man from their friendship group had previously climbed the wall of the rapper’s house, looked into the main gate and shouted his name.

Her dad decided to visit a musician for his version of the event when a family friend and boy’s father threw bricks at Malone’s Gate and broke into the courtyard.

The other two men left before encountering the star returning home.

The jury was told that the boy’s father was later charged and convicted of causing criminal damage.

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Rapper Bugzy Malone was acquitted after breaking the jaws of two men

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