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The new strategies announced on Friday are aimed at improving youth outcomes in math and literacy.

“We have listened to teachers, parents, expert academics and others to develop strategies to improve learning. “Mathematics, literacy, communication, te reo matatini and pāngarau for the next five years,” said Ian Tinet, associate minister of education.

“The reality is that our math and literacy results need to change. We need to do better for our children and ensure that they get the education they deserve.

“We will do this by helping teachers and having what they need for good teachers. We will improve assessment so that students are assessed as individuals and support is tailored to individual needs rather than a one-size-fits-all matching field mentality.

“We provide opportunities for young people, and especially for those who have been disadvantaged in the past. “We have to deal with inequality in our system – because every child can be good at math and English if they believe in themselves and their parents and teachers believe in them,” Tinetti said.

Supporting teachers to have confidence and knowledge in these subjects and individual-tailored assessments so that parents know how their child is doing and where support is needed is part of the plan announced by Tinnett, Compatriots. Associate Secretary of Education Calvin Davis And Education Minister Chris Hippins last weekend.

“The literacy, communication and math strategy and the Hei Raukura Mō Te Mokopuna will help us achieve our goals of making Aotearo the best place in the world for a child,” said Education Minister Chris Hippins.

“There are learning barriers that some children face and some societies that are disproportionate to others. This plan of the government will address the drivers of visible falls in the past and give children the best start in life.

“We want parents and caregivers to feel confident that they are supporting their children’s learning progress, including through reading and the use of math for fun in everyday life.

“And for teachers, trust comes with knowledge, so more attention will be paid to these subjects in teachers’ primary education. “Professional support for teachers is also being considered to make math and literacy easier and more enjoyable for more children and adolescents.”

“I’m proud of this government for sticking to and solving important issues – the success of the next generation of young people,” said Kelvin Davis, an associate minister of education.

“We know the statistics are not right for Maori in particular, Rangatah is lagging behind and we have to do something about it. This government recognizes this and strengthens, puts our Mokopuna at the center and supports them “Success,” said Kelvin Davis.

Raising the level of literacy and mathematics – SchoolNews

Source link Raising the level of literacy and mathematics – SchoolNews

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