Quickly launch a storage solution on the flagship edge cloud platform

Fastly has announced a new storage solution designed for media, gaming, software sector organizations, and organizations with large content libraries.

The new solution, Nearline Cashe, is built into a serverless computing environment that also supports the company’s edge cloud platform, Compute @Edge.

According to the company, Nearline Cache is built within Compute @ Edge, enabling customers to innovate on a large scale and to the global scale and performance they need.

Through the near-line cache, it quickly connects your organization to cloud storage through one of the Fastly Point-of-Presence (POP) locations and returns your content to the cache. The company says this method will allow long-tail content to be stored and delivered while reducing total cost of ownership.

Nearline Cache also autofills asynchronously on the first cache miss to minimize latency.

According to Nick Rockwell, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Fastly, the company has built a serverless computing environment that serves Fastly and its customers.

“Nearline Cache is an important addition to our capabilities, and customers with large content libraries can save money by storing long-tail content closer to their end users.”

With Compute @ Edge, customers can scale instantly by reducing infrastructure costs, improving performance, increasing visibility, and reducing latency. The company claims that code execution takes only 35.4 microseconds to boot.

With Compute @ Edge, you can quickly deliver the global scale and performance your customers need, while reducing operational overhead and eliminating the unpredictable costs common to competing solutions. ..

The company states that its edge platform can reduce development time, deploy global services in “seconds” and harness the power of Fastly’s high-performance software-defined global network.

“This is a very strong proof of the value of Compute @ Edge and Fastly’s ability to innovate faster,” says Rockwell.

“This is a differentiator that we plan to leverage across our product line, including security, delivery, and computing.”

Last month, the company joined the MACH Alliance, a group advocating for the future of open IT ecosystems and enterprise technologies.

Founding members of the MACH Alliance include commercetools, Contentstack, EPAM Systems, and Valtech.

Kelly Goetsch, President of the MACH Alliance, states that it is important to adapt and be agile in the current business environment.

“Fastly’s highly programmable edge cloud platform and a state-of-the-art network defined by software enable developers to build IT architectures that can be quickly, securely and seamlessly pivoted to meet their business needs. They join the MACH Alliance. The addition further supports an autonomous approach to smart digitalization and welcomes cooperation. “

Quickly launch a storage solution on the flagship edge cloud platform

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