Queenstown’s new rejuvenation mural helps with mental health

New Zealand mural artist Tess Shirin created the first large mural since the pandemic, aimed at helping with mental health, the day before Health Minister Andrew Little made a preliminary budget statement on mental health.

During and after Covid’s closure, one positive impact on the Aotearoa community was that it made many people think about what is most important in life, says Tess.

And to slow down the pace of people’s lives, connect with their roots, the land, the animals and the people around them. Birds are very important to New Zealand’s national identity.

“Each interpretation of the wildlife in the newly rejuvenated fresco in Tahuna (Queenstown) represents to some extent the better health of my travels,” he says.

After the pandemic hit, I also realized that a lot of the things I was dealing with were happening in the wider community. ”

“The mural is aimed at arousing empathy and removing stigma related to mental health issues. These messages are inspired by Aotearoa’s unique Taonga wildlife.

One of the fresco birds, Noah Moa, is asking for reconnection, growth and gratitude. The second, Karma Kiwi, demands love and kindness, while the third, Balance Bee, requires balance and nourishment.

“Interpretation of our now extinct flying bird and lost treasure; მოა. Noah Moa aims to remind us to be grateful for what we have before it’s too late.

“Concerns about how to take care of our mental health in times of uncertainty and isolation have been paramount since the Covid pandemic swept across our planet. How do we take care of ourselves and our loved ones?

“Karma Kiwi Bird is a representation of this psychological journey. He is calm, purposeful and kind to himself. Take time to slow down, observe his thoughts and emotions. Stir in self-love that will surely radiate to help others.

Bees: This incredible flying insect not only gives us delicious honey but also, of course, contaminates our flowers and plants, helps us grow food, we have happy and healthy people.

“He is happy, sets an example and is in the hands of the world, respects the balance of life and the fact that each individual matters and makes a difference, regardless of size.

“Connecting with nature is a proven way to improve our mental health, the well-being of the environment and our own well-being are intertwined. Ka Ora Te Hunua, Ka Ora Te Tangata.

When the land is good, we are good too. “

The Rejuvenate mural was painted for recognition The key to life is charitable trustWhich was founded by Mike King, a mental health supporter.

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Queenstown’s new rejuvenation mural helps with mental health

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