Prospa debt rises 64%

Prospa has secured three months of career and is preparing for one of his biggest months.

Friday, April 28th 2022, 2:06 PM

and Eric Frykberg

The ASX -listed company said in its third report it earned more than $ 100 million in debt in New Zealand a quarter.

It was up 64% from A $ 19.9 million to A $ 32.7 million in the past 12 months.

He launched a line of business loans in New Zealand to customers last month and is looking to take it to the advisory market quickly.

Prospa NZ CEO Adrienne Begbie said the line of credit product gave business owners the confidence to get the money when they needed it, without having to pay interest. interest until necessary.

Also, take the time to apply for a loan whenever you need money.

Begbie doesn’t say how high the line of credit is, but he says in Australia, the figure is A $ 150,000.

Revealing his findings, Prospa said Australia’s conversion had a three -quarter record with A $ 172.1 million in debt.

This is up from A $ 120.8 a year earlier.

It issued a large credit book of A $ 583.6 million.

Founder and CEO Greg Moshal called this excellent result impossible to do without the company’s work and trust and support from his client.

He said “Prospa is a good business that grows strong.”

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Prospa debt rises 64%

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