Prof Trading selects AG Grid for financial information

A new institutional stock enforcement platform, called Proof Trading, has chosen to use AG GridS Enterprise React Data Grid, a highly functional and easy-to-use digital record of financial trading data.

Proof Trading is open about how their platform works and has released all of their algorithms for full transparency. Thus, AG Grid Enterprise Edition provided them with an excellent solution, creating the latest data experience for institutional investors and brokers’s customer base.

The AG Grid Enterprise Edition gives Proof Trading users access to virtual columns and rows to process millions of records for a highly efficient grid. It also has a context menu that you can right-click, and a status bar to show the summary and number, as well as the ability to copy the contents of the cell to the clipboard and save and load the grid configuration.

The AG Grid also has a reputation for quick updates and is not lagging behind when it comes to navigation. It has instant sorting and grouping of columns, fast and configurable search options, custom cell rendering, and CSS control of rows and cells based on conditional logic.

The AG Grid solution was so impressive to the Proof Trading team because of its flexibility and ability to process a larger data set that it was selected over three other competing solutions, including Proof Trading’s own data network.

Prerak Sanhvi, for CTO Proof Trading, said: “AG Grid does not seem overly thoughtful about how things are done, beyond the standard set of features, it transmits tools and allows the developer to figure it out. We really like this part. It allows us to be flexible and choose when and where to cover our hands to get exactly what we want. We would rather this approach than anything more sensible and closed, which would lead to more situations when it is done or collapsed.

“AG Grid includes a wide range of features that have so far been adequately identified through its API. There are calls and event listeners that allow the UI to be easily integrated into the lifecycle. In the early period we found differences in the introduction of some models of columns, but it seems that the AG Grid has only recently started working to consolidate this area, which really translates as improving the quality of life.

Niall Crosby, CEO, founder of CTO and AG Grid, said: “Proof Trading needed a data grid that matched Technical excellence Their platform, while also a positive user experience. We are delighted that they have chosen AG Grid to build their trading blockchain and connect their users with transparent and flexible data.

“Institutional investments are very fast and regulated by millions of data points. “Customers can be confident that our data networks are more than able to handle a high-volume, high-frequency trading environment and provide a number of other features to help strengthen their trading decisions,” Crosby added.

Prof Trading selects AG Grid for financial information

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