Prismatic Completes $ 3.25 Million Seed Financing Round

Prismatic has raised $ 3.25 million in seed funding, saying the investment will help drive growth and empower B2B software companies.

Investors who have backed the embedded integration platform for B2B software include Falls Angel Fund II and executives across the technology sector.

Founded in 2019, Prismatic provides B2B software teams with a simplified way to build integrations and provides customers with a prestigious integration experience, the company said.

This funding announcement follows last month’s general availability of the Prismatic platform.

In this launch and funding round, Prismatic’s comprehensive focus is on helping B2B software teams provide customer integration.

According to the company, this is unique in the area of ​​integrated platforms that have traditionally focused on helping companies automate their internal workflows.

Prismatic’s integration platform addresses the specific needs of B2B software companies that need to build commercialized, reusable integrations and deploy them to multiple customers in different configurations.

The platform includes an embeddable white-label customer portal with a dedicated infrastructure for performing integrations, a low-code integration builder, integration deployment and support management, and self-service integration tools.

Michael Zuercher, CEO and co-founder of Prismatic, said: B2B software companies spend enormous amounts of time and resources consolidating their customers.

“Teams around the world of B2B software often ask us the same challenges, which tells us how terrible we need such a platform.”

He states: “Customers deliver integration much faster and with far less engineering work, allowing developers to focus on their core product work.”

“We believe more than ever that B2B software companies are not well serviced in terms of integrated platforms,” ​​Zuercher continues.

He says the money will help build the platform, improve the user experience, and reach more customers.

“We are improving Prismatic every day with the roadmap our customers expect. This investment will accelerate the growth of our platform and reach more software teams.”

Matt Paulson, founder and CEO of digital media company MarketBeat, is a key investor in seed rounds and a member of Prismatic’s board of directors.

“I’m really excited about Prismatic’s trajectory, coming from a software background,” said Paulson.

“The team’s deep experience in B2B software integration, extensive research with customers, and strong early traction give us great confidence in the future of the platform,” he said of his support. ..

Prismatic Completes $ 3.25 Million Seed Financing Round

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