Prime Minister opens light bulb headquarters in London

Valve, a green energy company and one of Europe’s fastest growing companies, welcomed Prime Minister Boris Johnson to officially open a new office in central London. The space is designed for learning and collaboration. A place where employees gather while balancing hybrid work. It also emphasizes the bulb’s commitment to sustainability and innovation, using locally sourced or recycled sustainable materials.

During the visit, the Prime Minister welcomed the following news: Technology Zero task forceBecame an official partner organization of, led by Valve United Nations competition for zero And expand internationally.The Task Force was founded by some of the UK’s most exciting Technology Supported by companies, and Technology Nation. Aiming for 1,000 Technology Companies to sign up Technology Zero commitment by COP26. After interest from countries around the world Technology Zero is launching globally today to encourage companies around the world to develop climate change plans and provide resources from the UK’s leading companies. Technology From companies around the world to other companies. Technology Zero could be the largest group in the world Technology Companies working on climate change measures.

Race to Zero is a global campaign led by a high level of the United Nations. Climate Change Champion for Climate Change CountermeasuresIt aims to bring leadership across businesses, cities, regions and investors for a healthy and resilient zero-carbon recovery.

The· Technology The Zero Task Force also creates the world’s first opportunity for young people to learn the skills to secure the green. Technology Career with Technology Zero internship.Interns spend time in the most exciting places in the UK Technology Companies working on Net Zero and Sustainability Projects.

Valve was named one of Europe’s fastest growing companies this year. Five years have passed and we are providing green energy as standard, with fair and transparent pricing and technology to help our members manage and reduce their energy usage. It has 1.7 million members and 1,000 employees, and has employed 500 people in the past year alone.

Hayden Wood, co-founder and CEO of Bulb, said:

“We are building a new type of large energy company, creating highly skilled green jobs and helping people reduce their bills and carbon emissions. Today we are I’m happy to announce that it’s expanding Technology Zero the task force globally. Using resources and toolkits developed in the United Kingdom, we will help companies around the world develop climate change plans and participate in Race to Zero before COP26. “

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Light bulbs are a pioneer in the renewable energy revolution. They not only create hundreds of highly environmentally friendly jobs, but also lead the industry as a whole. Technology Defending Zero Task Force and Next Generation Green Technology Experts through a new internship program. “

“On the first anniversary of the government’s employment program, it was great to visit our eco-friendly headquarters today and meet young people starting their green career thanks to the government’s £ 2 billion kickstart program.”

Oliver Dowden, a digital secretary, said:

“It ’s great to see. Technology Zero task force to invest in future greens Technology Join Race To Zero with talent and global expansion. We are not shy and agree.Technology An approach to support and ensure our entrepreneurs Technology Bringing that innovation and creativity, we can tackle one of the biggest challenges of our time. “

Andrew Griffiths, Net Zero Business Champion, said:

“The UK is one of the world leaders in technology, Technology Zero Task Force will be the official partner of Race to Zero. A group of 15 major British Technology Bulb-led companies are now able to expand globally to share toolkits, learning and resources with companies around the world. “

Prime Minister opens light bulb headquarters in London

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